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Homemade Marshmallows for our Snow Day!

Yes!  Even our part of Texas got to participate in the great Snow-Fest 2011.  Delight!  We were blessed with a snow day last Tuesday. 
With my snow pajamas on, I decided to make homemade marshmallows Monday night....in hopes of having a snow day on Tuesday.  And it totally happened!  Woo hoo!  The marshmallows were a sticky mess in my mixer but oh so worth the effort.  The recipe is from Alton Brown. Click here for the link.

Here is a glimpse of the homemade marshmallow-y goodness. 

While I cut them into squares, the girls made Paula Dean's homemade hot chocolate.  Oh my merciful heaven, it is a wonderful recipe.  A warm cup of chocolate delight.  Here is Paula's fabulous recipe. 

And to top off the hot chocolate, I added one of my marshmallows.  And oh, ya'll!  It was the best hot chocolate ever!!!  Totally worth the hot mess I made in my kitchen the night before!
What goes best with hot chocolate and a snow day? Pancakes with chocolate and peanut butter chips.  Yes, it was sugar overload...but so worth it!  While my girls put the finishing touches on the pancakes,
I made bacon (you need protein to counter balance the sugar-right?) and then ventured outside on my front porch to take a few pictures of our snow.  Don't laugh!  I have snow-envy.  You northerners get your snow amounts by the foot, we are blessed to get it by the inch....or half inch.  But, it is still snow!  And our dry land seemed to soak in every bit of the moisture.  Speaking of northerners, my Uncle is and Okie (from Oklahoma) and he sent me an email asking me to please stop wearing my snowflake pajamas because they are expecting more snow~too funny!

After watching several chick-flicks with my girls....movies like the Proposal (love this movie!)....relax! don't do it.....sorry got side-tracked for a second.  We made homemade potato soup for dinner and then had a burning desire for smores!

Mr. Incredible is not a huge fan of smores...until now! I'm telling you, the homemade marshmallows are the bomb!

Hannah wore this hat all day long. I thought she was pretty cute making smores:

Look at all of the deliciousness.  Unlike store bought marshmallows, homemade marshmallows take half the time to roast and the sugar caramelizes perfectly.  They are crispy on the outside and ooey-gooey on the inside. 

Just look at this beauty:

We had fun taking a smore kit over to my parents house too.  They made their smores in the microwave and said they were just as good.  There is just something about roasting marshmallows in the fire.  It's probably the fun in trying to find the perfect balance between roasted and on fire.   What are you waiting for?  Go and make some and then let me know what you think about the recipe!


shelly said...

I love that recipe! We made them for Christmas gifts this year..but had to remake them because a certain 8 year old kept sneaking them ;) soooo good! And not terrible to clean up--good hot water soak and it's all dissolved.

You had the cutest snow :) I think last night we hit -20 outside and not with the windchill...I'd rather have snow than the arctic freeze (crazy because tomorrow we're supposed to hit 40...thanks for sending up some warm air!)

BARBIE said...

I am reading this post at 11:00pm. This is dangerous because now I am hungry! I suppose I am safe as I have no chocolate in the house. Girl, those Smores look so good right now!

♥ilovemy5kids♥ said...

I want to come to your house...not just for the snow either! (My kids call snow a waste of sugar. They don't believe in it....our part of Texas didn't get any.)

We made marshmallows not long ago, they will go bad, after a while, don't ask how I found out. ;)


Karen M said...

Oh, my....those look delicious! I never heard of anyone making homemade marshmellows. Glad you enjoyed your snow. Personally, I'm ready for spring. I saw that my daffodils are coming up in my flower beds and that reassures me spring is on its way!

Chic Homeschool Mama said...

YUM- Love the red mug. It would fit well in my kitchen :)