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Hannah's Birthday Bash

Our Hannah turned 14 last week....14!  Please, time could you stop for a while!  The time is flying much too quickly.  We planned a fun birthday party for Hannah and 21 of her closest friends.  Yes, we had 21 teenagers in the house.  The good news?  Our house survived!  Ha!  And we did too. 

Here are a few, okay more than a few, pictures from Saturday night's Birthday Bash. 

We had the Xbox Kinect going while Hannah's friends arrived.  It was fun to watch them compete:
Finally, they all arrived and the pizza was ready.  Time to eat.  We served pizza (I ordered 9 large pizzas thinking the boys would eat way more than they did.  We have been eating leftover pizza for two days...please no more pizza!) and Hannah's favorite drink~Dr. Pepper.  Dr. Dr give me the news....sorry let me get back on track!
And then the sugar from the Dr. Pepper and M&M's kicked in apparently:
I'm thankful we have cathedral ceilings!  We've never had a pyramid in our family room until now:
Not wanting to be outdone by the boys, the cheeleaders decided to show their stuff.  Their pyramid was way taller...and way scarier. Be c-a-r-e-f-u-l!  Yes, she did a stunt and praise the Lord, they caught her.  I didn't capture that in pictures, because I was holding my breath and praying all would be fine.  And then I may have just looked in my cabinet for some valium (I'm kidding, I don't have any. Do you?). 
Hannah stole some stinkin' boy's hat for a while and he seemed to enjoy letting her wear it.  Really?  At this sight, I found Mr. Incredible curled up in the fetal position in the corner practising breathing in and out ...is our baby really at this age?  Please!  Say it isn't so!
We played an outrageously funny game...but that's a post in it self.  Here is the winning team complete with dinasaur masks.  Our baby is old enough to flirt with stinkin' boys but still wants cute dinasaur masks for prizes.  Oh, to be a teenager again. 


And here are the losers...they clearly are not fine with being the runners up.  Is he sticking his tongue out at me?  Where is his mother! 

And here is the entire motley-crew. (The photographer in me is really bugged by the horrendous light being emitted from the ginormous flat screen tv on to their faces!)

By the look on their faces, I think Hannah's Birthday Bash 2011 was a huge hit!

Thankfully, we have an entire year to recoup!


BARBIE said...

Looks like Hannah had a fabulous birthday celebration! Looks like a great group of young people there.

The Real Me! said...

Kristi you need me to live nearby just for crowd control. LOL! What a fun fun party. They look like a great group of teens!
Once again, I wish I could have been there forcing you to be in a picture or two. LOL!
Have a super day my friend.

Kim@Seasons of My Heart said...

You certainly know how to throw a party!!! What fun.

Happy Birthday Hannah!