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Hello Spring?!

Two weeks ago, these were our temperatures:

And this week?  Wow!  What a difference!

Only in Texas! 

Hello Spring?  Are you here to stay?  Your golden sunlight makes me long for homemade tomatoes and getting my hands dirty in the soil.  Is it too much too hope that the Groundhog could be right and Spring has sprung?  


Debra Kaye said...

Well, you know my birthday is on groundhogs day and I just couldn't believe it when they said he didn't see his shadow, but then again how could he, it was too cold to come out of his hole!!!!

I was on a plane to San Angelo and it was 24 and the temps fell from there on out!!! Snow flurries and ice everywhere. Now that's something we dont see everyday in Florida!

Thank you, sweet friend, for stopping by. If you would...keep Joshua in your prayers. He was deployed Jan 23rd to Afghanistan. My heart really has been put through a blender lately. Sure hope I come out smelling like a Paula Deen recipe!! Big hugs to you and the girls! They are beautiful! Pray all is well :)

The Real Me! said...

I hear you my friend. I think you're going to have hotter weather than us. We top out at 80 but believe me I'm not complaining. It's been gorgeous here.

Have a sun-filled day!

12-arrows said...

I just don't think its "right" for you to post those pictures of your weather. . .just sayin'! but. . .we are above temps for us here in the great north, 50's for us and we're lovin' it! no coats and short sleeves! yeah we're tough cookies with thick blood, so 50's are a tropical heat wave for us!!! (we'd be sunbathing with your temps!!)

Karen M said...

I'm ready for Spring to appear! About the only time you can count on Texas weather being the same day after day is in our hot, dry summers. I love the variety we get here!

Jaunna said...

CONGRATS on your picture being chosen by PW for todays group!!!!

bp said...

Caleb and I like to guess what the temp reading on his sign at school will be when I drop him off. It was 60 this morning. :)

I am so enjoying this weather. It makes me so excited to get my clothesline poles back up (My Dad is fixing the thing for them to go into in the ground) and also I'm thinking about what we can do to our new yard to spruce it up.