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Somedays You Win Some...

...and some days you lose some! This past weekend Hannah's team played in another tournament.  The girls won Thursday night.  By Friday, three of the girls were sick and we were hopeful that they would make a quick recovery for Saturday's games.

Saturday morning arrived and all of the girls were ready to play.  Three were still not feeling quite up to par but they still courageously played ball anyway. And, don't get me started on the refs.  When  this momma hollers at the top of her lungs, "Are you going to call a foul?" and her husband looks at her like she has lost her mind then the refs must be some kind of HORRIBLE!

Despite the refs, and having 3 sick players, our girls won 38-28.  Hannah played the entire game, didn't sit out for even a minute, and ended the game with 21 points. 

And then we had 6 hours to wait until the championship game.  SIX hours!  Oiy!  We had fun hanging out at a nearby Dairy Queen and I even took a little nap in my rattlesnake-killing-suburban.  Finally, it was time for the championship game.  We matched up with the team that we beat 53-3 last year. 

As we watched the girls from the other team warm up, we only recognized one of them.  Were we playing their high school JV team?  We started the game with only 6 of our 7 players and still had three that were not feeling their best.  The whistle blew and it was game time.  From the beginning, the other team's coach had Hannah's number.  I don't remember how many times he hollered at his team to get #50! 

Most of the game looked like this:
They double teamed and triple-teamed our Hannah.  And it wasn't long before she had 4 fouls.  They tried to shut our baby girl down but she still managed to score 5 of our team's 15 points.    This next photo is not my finest, you can tell the game was starting to rattle me a bit.  It's really hard to watch your daughter being maliciously fouled on the court and the refs not calling much.  I really didn't want Hannah to get hurt!  But, look at her courage in the photo below.  Hannah in a sea of black jerseys:
Our team tried their best.
And Hannah kept trying to score some points for her team:

But, in the end, our girls lost 24-15.  To top it off, as our girls waited with broken hearts over losing to shake the other team's hands, the other coach continued celebrating with his team and kept our girls waiting.  It felt like three minutes that our girls waited to shake their hands and it was difficult to watch.  They beat our girls, the ones who have earned quite a reputation for winning, and it was hard to watch but as our coach says, "Tomorrow is another day." 

Still, I'd like a chance to meet up with this team again, without hometown refs, with all of our team, and without sickness.   Our girls play a different team tonight and I feel sorry for tonight's opponents because our girls are ready to play!

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The Real Me! said...

Um, I don't like the losing game posts. LOL! That was so not fair. Do over!!!
I can tell that you and I would be a bad match up at a game like that. LOL! Watch out! Ha!
Have a fabulous day my friend.