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A Recap from Last Night's Game

Thank you all for your prayers for Coach...his dad went on to glory yesterday morning.  While our hearts are saddened for the family we are rejoicing with Coach that his dad is no longer suffering.

Naturally, the loss had a big impact on the girls.  My Hannah nearly cried before the game telling me about seeing her coach crying in the teacher's lounge.  Her precious, tender heart was broken over the news for her coach.  Somehow, the girls managed to pull it together and play a little basketball, even though their hearts were with their coach who was making his way back to Austin.

We played the same girls that we creamed this past Saturday.  And the other team came ready to play....or should I say "assault."  It was ugly....check that...they were ugly.  We were glad for the halftime buzzer so our girls could rest a bit. The score at half was 14-11.  We were winning but just by a little bit.

They double teamed Hannah and tried to keep her from scoring, but she still managed to make 9 points, block 4 shots, and she even stole the ball and dribbled it down court and passed it to one of her friends.  That was fun to see!

Our girls managed to win 32-22.

After the game she sobbed in the car. She was frustrated with how she played and she missed her coach.  Her sister and I tried our best to encourage her but she wasn't having any of it.  I stopped by Sonic to buy her a "Fancy Dr. Pepper," which is Hannah's favorite in hopes that she would cheer up a bit.  It wasn't two seconds before our suburban was filled with Hannah's team mates and it wasn't long before Hannah's beautiful smile returned... and this momma's heart breathed a sigh of relief.  I'm so thankful for Hannah's friends.


The Real Me! said...

Just a wave of emotions all in this post. Happy, sad, happy again back to sad. I'm a mess, but thankful that the coaches Dad is now in Glory and suffering no more.
Have I mentioned how much I love your family? LOL!

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry Hannah has to go through this =( I can remember my first real loss, one that really hit me. I pray for Hannah's strength and her coach's healing.