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We Survived the Family Christmas Card Photo Session!

I LOVE to send and receive Christmas cards.  Don't you?  We try to send a photo card every year.  I have Christmas pictures of our family and our girls since Rachel was a baby.

There are a lot of traditions that I adore and treasure, but there is something  special about placing all of the framed cards on the shelf every year.  It is fun to see how much the girls have grown, what my current hair style and color is (can you relate?), and what special memory we captured and shared in our annual Christmas card.  Here is a little picture of my Christmas card shelf that I took a few years ago:


So, this year, after launching my photography business, the pressure was on.  I mean who wants to hire a photographer that has a less than nice Christmas card of their family.  Do you know what I mean? And since my family is far from perfect, although I love them with all of my heart and I wouldn't trade them for anything in this world, taking the family Christmas card picture this year was....well let's just say...less than perfect!

Here are 2 outtakes from the fun:


And this one:


We snapped a few more with my super duper tripod that I was blessed with by my parents on my birthday and came up with this.  Our cards are di-cut in a fancy shape but that is difficult to show on the internet.  Here is the front of our card:


and my favorite part of the card~the back where you can kind of see what it looks like cut out!  I know I am biased but I think my girls are gorgeous and I love their colors with the colors of fall:


The verse says, "The Lord has done great things for us and we are filled with joy."  Psalm 126:3. 

I guess you can say that we survived the family Christmas card this year... now if I can only get them addressed and stamped and mailed out before Christmas!  Ha! 

Do you send Christmas cards too?


Kim@Seasons of My Heart said...

Very...very...very..nice my friend!

I love how you are all matchy-matchy!!

Great job.

BARBIE said...

Your card is beautiful. I love the bright colors. And Yes, your girls are gorgeous, and so are you! I wish I had the energy to think of cards this year. Maybe next year!

Patti said...

I, too, am a family Christmas card geek. I have a scrapbook with the yearly family photo in it. My boys' are now 20 & 23 & they roll their eyes every year when it's family photo time. This year was easier as we took it "on the fly" at son #2's college soccer game one Saturday. I've told them this tradition will continue until the day I die!!! (cue "rolling eyes" again please)

bp said...

That is so fun that you have a shelf with the pictures from each year, what a great idea! I love the purple, you're right---your girls are beautiful!

I was doing my Christmas cards and saw the receipt from the shirt I won last year from you so I sent you one too. It was funny b/c I wanted to send you one of our letters I wrote of our story of this year and knew I didn't have your address written down. Then flipping through my address book I found that shipping paper I didn't even know I had.

Merry Christmas!