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An Old Fashioned Downtown Parade

Our town hosts an annual Downton Christmas Parade.  It is always fun to see the decorated floats, meet up with people you may not see during the hustle and bustle of life, and hear the sounds of Christmas.  The town seems to come alive dressed in its Christmas finery. 

The band, and our Drum Major (Rachel), started the parade off right by playing Christmas songs and marching down main street.  It was one of the darkest evenings so I had to use my flash (which I totally do not like to do~I like natural lighting). Because it reminded me a little bit of a Norman Rockwell like scene, I added a vintage feel to my images.

Here is Rachel leading the band in songs like, "The First Noel."  She is wearing a santa hat and her black senior hoodie/sweatshirt and black converse shoes.  Her daddy and I watched in amazement as she marched backwards directing the band...perfectly.  If it were me, I would have been swerving all over the place and probably fallen a lot, but not our Rachel. Way to go Rachel!
And then the decorated floats followed.  It was fun to see the creativity and all of the people throwing candy to eager children watching the parade close by.  I think the lighted red tractor was one of my favorites.
There was even a lighted bulldozer/front loader thing and then guess who made their visit from the North Pole?

I had to take a picture of the giant Barney...I love you! You love me!...sorry!  Do you remember Barney?  Our girls loved watching Barney.  And many years ago, I just might have been the crazy lady in the grocery store who found herself humming  this song while grocery shopping by herself.  Surely, that could not have been me!  Ha!  So, yes, seeing Barney took me back a couple of years.

After the parade, all of the downtown shops stayed open a little later than normal.  I was so excited to see a new antique store.  I asked Mr. Incredible if we had time to stop for a minute...and we did.  And I am so glad that we did!  It was awesome!  I had been looking for an old red wagon and an old crate for photography props.  I've looked all over....well, everywhere except my own home town which is where I found both of them!  Delight!  Here is Hannah pulling our new red wagon and metal milk crate.

Does your town host an annual parade?


shelly said...

The last Christmas parade we went to was almost 9 years ago---downtown Minneapolis, minus a million degrees--just thinking about it makes me loose feeling in my legs! But...it was amazing...just really, really cold :)

Great find on the wagon! I'm in awe that your daughter walked the parade backwards--I'd be on my behind within the first block!

Kim@Seasons of My Heart said...

Oh...there's just something abuot an old fashion downtown Christmas...seriously there is!

Of course, the town we live in...doesn't even have a downtown....BOO!!!

I've relived many happy memories reading your blog today! :-)

Love ya!!

Erica said...

I love the effects you used on these photos. It has been fun to watch your ability grow!!! You capture amazing memories!