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Basketball Season, Baby!

I love to watch my baby girl play basketball.  I really do!  I love sitting next to my parents, Rachel, Mr. Incredible, Nonnie, Poppie, Aunt Sissie, Uncle G, and my nephews.  I love hearing my dad say "Ooooh!" in his booming voice every time Hannah scores. I love seeing Hannah flash me a giant smile when she scores or has a slam.  And my favorite part is giving Hannah a giant hug after the game!  Monday night basketball is awesome!

Last night the girls won 48-5.  Forty-eight to five!  Woo-hoo!  Do you want to see some pictures?  Pretty, please?  Oh, good thank you!

It was fun to see Hannah line up for the jump ball.  The referee in this picture is a minister and he is a lot of fun.  One of the moms in the stands asked him if he could hear us hollering at him.  He laughed and said that he has been married for a long time and he doesn't listen to his wife so why would he listen to us. Ha! 

Hannah got the ball for her team, we missed our first shot and then it was time for defense.  Check out the picture on the right.  Can you say, "attack?"
I'm sure the girl in the picture below felt a little overwhelmed by our defensive trio.  My dad gives Hannah a "Tip of the Week," before each basketball game and Hannah looks forward to each one.  This week, he told her to get big and tall in the lane.  With her 5'11" height she has a pretty good wingspan and can take up a lot of space in the lane.  She took his advice..see images #1 & #2.

Picture #3 shows how hungry our girls were for the ball.  The other team didn't stand a chance.
I'll never get tired of watching Hannah shoot the ball.
This next group of pictures needs a little explaining Lucy (remember when Ricky would say that to Lucy on I Love Lucy~love that show).  Anyway, do you remember when we almost missed our vacation to St. John because Hannah was injured on the court during summer ball? 

Well, this was the team that we were playing this summer and #44 was the girl who maliciously swiped Hannah's legs out from under her. I'm not being dramatic, this girl had it our for Hannah the entire game.  The referees didn't put a stop to it and Hannah ended up landing on her hip.  It was awful! 

Anyway, after church Sunday morning while we were having lunch, Hannah mentioned to me that she was looking forward to playing the girl who swept her legs out from under her...and then she smiled a very mischievous smile.  She hadn't forgotten.  Oiy!

Fast forward to last night's game.  While the girls got ready to play, Hannah motioned to me that the girl was #44 and then the game began.  #44 tried to dish it out all night, but Hannah dished it right back to her.  Just look at how she hollered in Hannah's face every time Hannah shot a basket:

Hannah didn't let the other girl push her around.  During the game, #44 grabbed Hannah's jersey and my mom turned to me and said, "Look at that!  Did you see her grab Hannah's jersey?"  Yes, I had, but then I showed mom a few pictures I had just taken of Hannah plowing her elbow into #44's back.  And then we both felt better. Ha!

#44 couldn't keep Hannah from scoring so they put #33 on Hannah.  I like these next three pictures.  #33 made Hannah work for it, but still she was able to score.  I think she ended the game with 12 points.  Her buddy Skyler (#45 on our team) made 18 points.  Wow!

It was another great night of basketball.  Delight!

After the game, I asked Hannah how it felt to play against #44 again. 
She smiled and said, "She'll feel me in the morning!"
  (And just between you and I, I smiled big time on the inside! )


Kim@Seasons of My Heart said...

Oh my...I LOVE...LOVE...LOVE...your basketball stories!!! I truly do!!

We are heading out to Andrew's game tonight...and I can hardly WAIT!!


The Real Me! said...

Oh my friend. I crack up at you telling your story because I know for a fact that if my daughter was in ANY sport that would be me talkin'! LOL!
Love watching her through pictures. Way to go Hannah!!