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Unforgettable Part II

Yes!  Hannah's team was victorious in their double overtime game.  It was a game none of us will soon forget.  While this heart of mine really enjoys watching Hannah's games where they win by at least 20 or 30 points, there is nothing like watching a game like this one.  A game where you are on the edge of your seat, where the crowd is electric and leaps from their seats every time their team scores, where the referees actually have to wipe a little sweat from their brows, where hearts are racing, and mommas and daddies and grandparents and fans are somehow holding their breathes waiting to see what the score will be at the end of the game.  What a night!

But, our night wasn't over.  Hannah LOVES to eat hamburgers.  She is a purist....only plain and dry with maybe some cheese.  So, after all of the hugs and celebrating, and thanking the Lord for protecting Hannah and her team on the court, I told her that I would buy her a big hamburger for dinner.  While we waited for the hamburger to finish cooking, I checked the mail....and inside the mailbox was a giant envelope with a gold seal addressed to Rachel.

I told Rachel that her letter had arrived but to wait until we were all home to open it.  I grabbed my camera and called Mr. Incredible to get home quick.  Rachel was nervous as she opened the green and gold envelope.  Inside was a letter that began, "Dear Rachel,  On behalf of President Starr, we would like to welcome you to Baylor University!" 

And then more tears of joy began to flow with more hugs and then calling the grandparents to tell them the exciting news!

We soon discovered that not only was our daughter's application accepted at Baylor University but she was awarded an amazing merit scholarship too!  Wow! We are not sure if Rachel will choose Baylor or not but we are over the top excited for her and the blessings of the Lord!

This heart of mine nearly came out of my chest that night.  After such an incredible game, receiving wonderful news from Baylor, feeling like it was just yesterday that I received my letter of acceptance from Baylor, we all joined hands and praised and thanked the Lord together.

I think Hannah said it best, "I am overwhelmed by all that God has done!"  Yes, sweet baby girl, this heart of mine is overwhelmed at all God has done too.  Praise, You Father...you give good gifts to Your children and we will never forget this unforgettable night.

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The Real Me! said...

Okay, this makes me want to cry. Tears of joy though! What wonderful wonderful blessings my friend. So much to rejoice in.
Hugs those girls of yours for me and then tell them to give you a hug from me too. LOL!