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Toga, Toga, Toga!

This past Saturday night, after returning from Hannah's cross country meet, and after taking a delightful 2 hour nap, and after purchasing a few awesome new photography props for some upcoming newborn photo shoots (that was a long intro huh?), it was time to Toga, toga, toga!

Rachel was invited to an "epic" 18th birthday party for her friend Jami.  Everyone was invited to wear a toga to the party realizing that black lights and washable paint loaded into water guns would be there too.  I grabbed a cheap black top sheet and started working on a toga for Rachel.

I use the word "working" loosely because it was 20 minutes before the party when she asked for my help.  Oiy!  No pressure!  So, I ripped that sheet in half and started layering.  I was working at the speed of light, she even had a cute little flower made out of the sheet by the time it was over.

Rachel looked in the mirror and wrinkled her face.  No go!  So, I tried it again, and I liked this one even better and it was without the fancy flower.  Nope!  She didn't like that either.

Hannah and I wrapped her again in the toga and finally...success!  Before she walked out the door, I snipped off a little of the edge of the toga, braided it together and threw together this fabulous headband.  Please, now refer to me as "so very Martha!" Oh, I'm kidding! 

Here is the 3rd toga attempt...and I think the toga princess is actually smiling!

Yes, yes she is smiling.  Woo hoo!!!!  Toga, toga, toga!

Rachel had an absolute blast at the party and came home covered in glow-in-the dark paint that looked quite fabulous on her toga underneath the black lights.

Hannah and I celebrated creating 3 different toga looks in a matter of 15 minutes by having Chilis to go for dinner.  Delicious!


The Real Me! said...

The Toga Princess looks beautiful! Would loved to have seen the after picture when she got home. LOL!
Great Job!

Erica said...

You all are so fun! It's always an adventures, that you always seem up for. I love that about you!