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Look out Little Doves...

...it's officially dove season around here and the hunters are ready!  After the homecoming festivities on Friday night, it was time for cross country early Saturday morning.  Hannah had to be at school to catch the bus at 6:15.  We followed about 45 minutes later in our suburban.  Mr. Incredible knew that I would want a special early morning treat so we stopped by Starbucks on the way to the meet. 

And the most delicious Pumpkin Spice Latte filled my heart with delight!  It was g-o-o-d!!!!  We shared a cranberry scone and he drank tea.  Even though it was early, I loved traveling with my man.  It was a rare chance for us to get caught up on each other's week.  We talked and sang and laughed all the way to the track meet.

We arrived with several other parents and grandparents, scanned the crowd, and spotted our baby girl.  She announced that the race was 3 miles instead of 2 and her friends giggled...the coach was pulling her leg and she didn't know it.  But, she figured it out very quickly and cracked up laughing.  The coaches were bribing the girls with Krispy Creme donuts if they finished in the top 50. 

Hannah finished in 48th place out of over 100 girls and we were so proud of her!  She told us that she shaved several minutes off of her time from the week before and that is quite a feat.  It is always so fun to cheer for the girls as they run past the crowd but my heart was overwhelmed with gratitude early Saturday morning because several parents were hollering for Hannah to finish the race strong and she heard all of us and really finished well.

After the race, she was starved, so we took her out to eat at the local Cracker Barrel with everyone else in town in seemed.  Across the street was Academy Sports so we stopped there on our way home too so that she and her daddy could get their hunting licenses.  Because they had a date that evening with a few shotguns and some unlucky birds.

Mr. Incredible proudly bought Hannah some new camo this year:

I think they only saw one dove so they shot the sides out of a Sonic cup instead.  No, Rachel and I didn't do that kind of hunting, we went hunting for shoes and photography props instead.  We had a blast on our hunting trip too!  

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The Real Me! said...

Wow are doves that plentiful that they have a hunting season? LOL! Do you eat them or is it just sport?
I'm so excited for Hannah finishing in the top 50! Yay!
And her new camo gear looks so cute!
Where are the shoes you bought? HA!
Have a fabulous day my friend.