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Jacee's Sweet Sixteen Sneak Peak

This evening I had the blessing of photographing Jacee in celebration of her Sweet Sixteenth birthday!  We had a blast finding fun and unique photo spots around town and seeing how quickly she could change clothes in her mom's truck. The girl has some serious changing-clothes-in-a-moving truck-talent! 

We started at my house in a patch of sunflowers:   

 And we even stopped to ask a local farmer if we could take a few photos in his cotton field as he was busy at harvest.  He smiled and nodded his head yes.  The cotton was bursting at the seams in full bloom!

 And then I suggested a field that I have been wanting to take photos in.  I have to giggle a bit because it's not really a field, more like a patch of weeds, but I find it very magical.  Her mom brought along this beautiful yellow chair that belonged to her grandmother.  I love how it plays so beautifully against the dark green backdrop and the royal blue shirt. 

 And then we found a new favorite spot on the railroad tracks.  Jaycee had the coolest boots on for her photo shoot and I knew that I wanted to capture them in some photos. 

At our last stop the Lord had a special surpise in mind for all of us.  Downton there is an awesome rusted staircase that I have had my eye on for quite some time.  The sun was setting perfectly, so the light would not be too harsh and we decided to try taking pictures there.  Knowing that this building now belongs to someone, I was a bit hesitant, but decided to be brave anyway.  

Wouldn't you know, just as we were driving up the owner of the urban loft was arriving home after walking her dog.  I introduced myself to her and politely asked if we could use her staircase for a few photos.  Not only did she agree, but she invited us in to her AMAZING home!  I could have spent hours there.  Better Homes and Gardens needs to see this place.  Wow!  From the ultra cool antiques to the amazing wall treatments where the brick shows through patches of plaster, it was incredible!  

The ownern's name is "Peaches!"  Isn't that adorabe?!  She is evey bit as sweet as her name.  She showed us her magnificent home and balcony where I snapped this picture of Jacee.  It quickly became one of my faves.  Thank you, Peach, for inviting us in to your home and for inviting me back one day.  Delight!

Jacee, I hope that you enjoyed your Sweet Sixteen Sneak Peak!  I had so much fun running around town with you and your mom and your dad's dog, Cassie too! 

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BARBIE said...

You are an AMAZING photographer and your subject for this shoot, Jacee, is gorgeous!