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Monday Musings

Good Morning ya'll and happy Monday!  It seems like I blinked and it was Friday and now here we are at Monday again.  We had a restful weekend...oh the joy!  It is not very often that we have time to just rest and relax but we soaked in every bit of the wonderful gift of rest.  Here is a bit of randomness on this Monday morning:

1.  Friday night I was back on the sidelines of our high school football game.  It was a little overcast and looking like any minute the clouds would burst with a downpour of rain.  My man was with my on the sidelines helping me guess what the quarterback would be doing next and showing me where to aim my camera and he was there with my waterproof bag just in case it started raining.  I love my man!  And because of him, I really am starting to love the game of football...go figure!  Here are a few of my pics from Friday night. 

 Touch down!  We won and we are now 5 and 0!

I became a very brave girl Friday night...wore my big girl panties and everything.  Ha!  I stood right in the middle as the boys flew past me to run on the field.  I snapped several pictures thinking to myself that I was being so brave and thankful that they didn't plow their computer teacher to the ground.  Several smiled at me as they came within a foot of me and my camera.  This is the only somewhat clear picture, and even then it is not the best, apparently in my bravery I shook my camera little. 

 Here is our Rachel leading the band.  Go Rachel!

Fun memories to last.  I have used my photos to create slide shows from all of the varsity games this year and I post them on our school's website, yes I get to design and maintain that site too.  The word is making its way around school about the slide show and several of the football boys come to my classroom first thing on Monday mornings to see if the new slide show is up.  I love that.

2.  I was suppose to have a newborn photo shoot Saturday afternoon and a sixteenth birthday photo shoot that evening.  The baby has an eye infection so we had to postpone and the downpour came Saturday afternoon so we postponed the evening photo shoot to sometime this week.  We found ourselves with more time to rest then we had planned and that was such a blessing!

3.  We have a youth minister!!!!!  Woo hoo!  After 2 LONG years the Lord opened the door in a way that we never could have even dreamed and He blessed and blessed!  We are so thrilled to Have J and R and their little cutie pie daughter back at our church.  We are thankful that we didn't leave the church that we love so dearly, the church where my dad is the pastor, and that he brought J & R back to our church.  Rachel fully believes after such a difficult two years with an interim youth minister, that this is God's gift to her...and she is right...but we all are embracing the gift too.

4.  My awesome IPAD won't boot up so they are overnighting a new one.  Sometimes it is a good thing to purchase the extra protection package.

5.  I have my in-class teacher observation today.  Please, pray for me around 9:45 if you think about it.

6.  Baylor beat Rice.  Yes they did!  We are tired of being the doormat for the big 12 conference.  Sic 'em bears!

7.  I am just beside myself on this last one!  We may have the awesome privilege of going to the Holy Land next spring with my parents and a group from our church.  I'm crying as I type this.  The thought of being able to walk where Jesus walked with our 3 generations fills my heart to overflowing.  The only obstacle seems to be that I  have to work out the details at school.  Please, pray with me that if this is God's desire for our family, that it will all work out with my position at school and that the missed days would not be an issue.  I am blessed to work for a Godly principal and superintendent so I am praying that God has already gone ahead of me and that this would not be the obstacle that keeps us from going. 

Okay, enough with the randoms,  Ya'll have a blessed day!

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Debra Kaye said...


Your pics of the football team Friday nite were just spectacular...oh how I loved Friday Night Lights!!

BUT....#7....Our church is going too!!!!! Same time frame and I am going!!!!! Wouldn't that be amazing to be there at the same time. I know that I am so excited about it right now. I'll keep you in prayer for God to work out your details.

Love ya!