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Welcome to the DMV-We Will Be with You in a Week...Maybe!

Sorry, I don't have Ten things on Tuesday.  Truthfully it's been a few weeks, hasn't it?  
Oiy! Life is always busy!

Too busy to be waiting on the stinkin' DMV people.  Seriously!  

Hannah finished her driving course, put in the minimum driving hours plus many more, passed the written test and is trying to master the driving portion....which has become a full time job in itself apparently. In our little town, the DMV lady comes on Tuesdays.  Except this Tuesday!  
And she isn't confident that she will be here next Tuesday!

I think Parallel Parking may be the death of me!  We have practiced and practiced and practiced some more.  She can parallel park her truck 7 out of 8 times perfectly....unless the DMV person is watching.
I liken parallel parking to self-checkouts at Walmart, mammograms, and pantyhose.  UGH!
If Hannah is anything like her mother, she will never parallel park again.  Seriously!

She will simply make the block and look for another parking space.  Brilliant idea!
My friend from Arizona told me that they don't have to parallel park for their driving test.  Hello Texas, get a clue please! Parallel Parking is for the birds!

Hannah took the test yesterday and backed in to the pole....twice!  Bless her heart!  
The rest of the driving test was perfection....stinkin' pole!

So, in between teaching, photography, and life itself, we will be waiting for her next driving test believing there is a purpose for everything under Heaven.  And one day soon, my baby girl will proudly have her driver's license and I'll be wishing we were still waiting on the DMV lady!

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Kim @ Homesteader's Heart said...

Our daughter just got her license about a month ago and she didn't have to parallel park either. LOL!
I think I've parallel parked once in my life after my test. But it was in front of my soon to be husband at the time and he was pretty impressed so I guess my mad skills paid off. Ha! Ha!
Tell her to hang in there.