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Ten on Tuesday

Feeling a bit random today so I thought I would do a ten on Tuesday post. Hope ya'll had a wonderful Memorial Day!

1. Rachel did so well giving her welcome speech at Friday's graduation. Thank you for praying for her. I have lots of pictures to post soon.

2. Four very special friends surprised us by attending graduation....what a blessing!

3. Did I tell you that Rachel got a haircut and highlight 3 days before graduation? She went to the same girl that she always does but this time Rachel came home with gray and purple streaks. Yes, I could have died when I saw them! It was a light purple and gray but still. Rachel hadn't noticed. I called my dear friend Vonna, she does my hair, for HELP. With her guidance we were able to get rid of the gray and purple. Rachel is far too young to have gray and purple hair. Oiy!

4. True to their history, Mr incredible and Rachel always do things unintentionally at the same time. For example: in 6th grade Rachel broke her foot the day before Mr Incredible had his torn ACL surgery. And one month before Rachel's brain surgery, Mr. incredible had an emergency appendectomy. Last week Rachel had purple/gray streaks in her hair for a few hours and my man got the worst sunburn on his face that I have ever seen. Oiy

5. With his red sunburned face, I started calling him my Red bull and saying, "how" (Indian for hi) whenever I saw him. He wasn't nearly as amused as I was.

6. I learned this weekend that I am not as young as I used to be. We helped host the all night after graduation party. I sat down for all of 30 minutes that night. And it took me all of Saturday to recover.

7. My daughter, on the other hand,crawled into bed at 5:45 Saturday morning, slept until two, and then had the energy to go on a date. Her daddy and I waved to her from the coach as she skipped to the door. To be young again.

8. We had enough energy to make it to church Sunday morning, lunch with friends and family, and then a major nap.

9. We drowned our sorrows about being old and feeling the aches and pains of being on our feet all night by treating ourselves to a Magnum bar. Have you tried them? We had our first one Israel but they are now in the states. They are amazing! We found ours at Walgreens.

10. It is just beginning to sink in that we are on summer break. Delight!!!

Ya'll have a blessed Tuesday.  It looks like we might just be blessed with some much needed rain today.

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The Real Me! said...

All I can say at this time is that "I WANT A MAGNUM BAR!!" Oh heaven. I'll have to go back and read everything again because that pretty much did me in. LOL! THANKS! HA!

Have a fabulous day my friend.