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Ten Images on Tuesday

Whew!  The end of the school year is always sooooooo busy, but this year having a graduating senior, it is busier than ever.  Here are ten images on Tuesday....I have so much catching up to do.  This is Rachel's graduation week so if I am MIA for a few days, you will know why. 

Last Thursday Hannah had an awards ceremony at the Middle School.  She was honored for UIL Oral Reading and One Act Play:

And she was honored for receiving no behavior demerits in 8th grade. Actually, she didn't receive one demerit throughout her junior high years and we are so proud of her!  Hannah also received the Presidential Award and a pin from President Obama (No, he didn't present the award to her, but it was signed by him).    Hannah received the Presidential Award, signed by President Bush, at the end of her 5th grade year too.  Pretty cool!
A few minutes after Hannah's awards ceremony, it was time for Rachel's.  Mr. Incredible and I quickly made our way back to the high school.  It was a special ceremony to honor the seniors, students chosen as class favorites, and to award scholarships to deserving seniors. 

Rachel was chosen as a favorite by her Science Teacher:
She received a scholarship to the local junior college:
The Community Development Committee awarded Rachel a $1500 scholarship for her brochure and demographic entry:
And she was also presented a very distinguished scholarship from a prominent family in our community.  We were just beside ourselves with joy and gratitude!
That evening, only a few short hours later, it was time for the band concert and both of our girls, for the last time, were playing.  Here they are before the concert:

Can you spot Hannah playing the flute?  See her new shoes?  They are her first pair of heels and she was so proud to wear them to the concert.  They make her nearly 6'2".  After the concert, a little girl came up to Hannah and told her that she looked just like a Barbie doll. 
After the 8th grade band played four songs, it was time to hear from the high school band.  Can you see Rachel?  Me neither.  She was in the middle section....I could only see her beautiful forehead and eyes: 
After the band played, the band director recognized the seniors who have made it through band their entire high school career.  Rachel has played the saxophone in the band since 7th grade....6 years of band is a major accomplishment in our community....and we are so proud of her. She could have quit band when she was suffering excruciating headaches, but she stuck it out and that is pretty amazing in itself!

I realize that I have posted 12 images instead of 10 but I just couldn't cut one of them out.  I'll try to post pictures from a very special and fun Senior Girls breakfast this past Saturday soon. 

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shelly said...

You Have Been Busy! It must make your momma heart so proud to see your girls achieving so much!!!! (I was going to ask if Hannah had gotten taller...good thing you posted about the heels!)