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Senior Girls Kidnap Breakfast

A few of the seniors moms and I have been planning a Senior Kidnap Breakfast for weeks.  We had carefully written the date in code on our calendars and tried our hardest not to blow the surprise.  Surprisingly, none of our girls had a clue. Delight!

I was so excited the night before that I only slept about 3 hours.  At the early hour of 6:45 AM, I woke up my little sleeping beauty.  (Rachel use to call Sleeping Beauty, sleeping in the booty when she was little).  She thought she had the rare opportunity to sleep in...surprise!  I told her that she had 5 minutes to go to the bathroom, brush her hair and her teeth, and put on a foundational garment....okay a bra (sorry guys if I just made you flinch!). 

This was what Rachel did:

She thought we were playing a cruel joke, but finally she got up and got ready.  We had four other senior girls to surprise.  The surprise turned out to be on us!  All four of the girls were out of town.  Thankfully, we realized this before ringing their doorbells.

Seven other senior girls and four senior moms met us at Ihop where we all became Exhibit A as all of the girls had their pajamas on.
We had tiaras and wands and fun bling rings for the girls.  They happily put them on while we waited to order:
Before these girls started high school, we did a similar get together and they decorated pillow cases that day.  It seemed fitting to have the girl decorate pillow cases again...after all, they will need a special hand decorated pillow case,  carefully signed by their friends when they are homesick and away at college {sob!}. 
I think they had fun signing and decorating the pillow cases...and we had fun watching:
It was nice to have the back room all to ourselves for most of breakfast.  When the girls were just about finished, the waitresses started seating people in the back room with our group.  There were families with little girls who enjoyed watching our senior girls. 

True to their nature, the girls started taking off their tiaras and sharing them with the little girls.  We had extra tiaras and wands...and the little girls just beamed...but our senior girls did too.  I loved their precious hearts!  One of the mommas of a little girl got teary eyed as she asked me what our girls were celebrating.  She must know that it was just yesterday that our senior girls were her daughter's age. 

A special Senior Girls Breakfast complete with good food, rekindled friendships, and sweet fellowships made for a day to treasure!  What a thrill for this momma's heart!


The Real Me! said...

Oh that's great! It looks like the place was empty so that was nice. LOL!
I'm not looking forward to the post where you say goodbye to your daughter as she leaves for college. *sigh*. Give me a warning so I have the tissues handy!

Kim@Seasons of My Heart said...

What a fab idea!! You truly are making amazing memories not only for your precious daughter..but for yourself too!!

Enjoy this season...and speaking from experience..the next season is pretty special too!!!

<3 ya.

Erica said...

So fun! I've got to tuck that in my memory for another day! My parents did that for one of my birthday parties and I still remember it!