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Our Princess Goes to Prom

This past Saturday, our Princess went to prom...be still my heart! She and I had so much fun picking out her beautiful gown (it was the 2nd one that she tried on). It was a special moment...we both cried. Her dress is the same color as the "Praying for Rachel" bracelets that we wore only 5 months ago before her brain surgery. Isn't God amazing?! He cares about every detail.

I was quite emotional on Saturday. My heart was filled to overflowing with gratitude to the One who enabled our Princess to go to prom. This time last year we never would have imagined being able to plan for how to do her nails, or how to do her hair, or what kind of jewelry and shoes to wear with her prom gown. I didn't take one minute for granted. It was all pure delight!

Here is our walking miracle on the day of her junior/senior prom:



I know that she is my daughter, but isn't she absolutely gorgeous?



True to her generous heart, she chose to wear "Tom's Shoes" to prom. Have you heard about Tom's shoes? For every pair that you purchase, the company sends a pair of shoes to a child who needs them.


Her daddy was quite emotional on Saturday too. After I helped Rachel with her makeup and into her dress and jewelry she went to show Daddy. I encouraged him to take a deep breath as she rounded the corner to show him and then tears filled his eyes.


Rachel Ann, where has the time gone? Wasn't it just yesterday that I held you in my arms for the very first time? You have certainly grown into an amazing young lady...you are beautiful inside and out! Your daddy and I are so proud of you. Keep shining for the Lord...He shines so brightly through your precious life!

It wasn't long before the doorbell rang and Caleb arrived. All he could say when he saw you was, "Wow!" and then he was speachless for quite a while. He was so proud to have you on his arm at prom. I love this picture of you two because you were a bit worried about pinning his boutonniere. Little did we know that Mrs. T had already taken care of it; she used a magnet instead. Whew!


This is Rachel and Caleb's fave, so I had to post it too:


I liked it this way too:


Arriving at prom:


Memories to treasure!


The Jungs said...

Wow!! Beautiful doesn't even begin to describe her!! My heart just filled with joy as I read this post. We love you all and miss you so much!!

Barbie said...

Rachel is truly captivating! She is so beautiful. And she is a living memorial of God's faithfulness. I pray she had a wonderful time!

The Real Me! said...

Awww and Ooooooh and *sigh*
She's beautiful my friend. And my daughter would be so jealous of her dress! LOL!
She has the sweetness all over her face.
Thanks for sharing her pictures with us. She's breathtaking!

Karen M said...

Oh, how beautiful!

12-arrows said...

beautiful, truly beautiful! what you said about your husband getting tears in his eyes, brought tears to mine! Your girls are gorgeous, but so are YOU! beautiful pictures wonderful memories!

Erica said...

She is absolutely gorgeous, just like her Momma!!!
I love her hot pink dress. What a testimony to the Lord's faithfulness to see that big smile on her face!

ilovemy5kids said...

Gorgeous! Just gorgeous! I would agree with tears...time sure has flown!

Blessings to you,

bp said...

Awwww, These made my heart smile! Thank you for sharing the special night with us. She is beautiful inside and out!

Lea said...

You positively shine Rachel!
You positively SHINE.

Anonymous said...

Rachel is absolutely gorgeous!!!! That color is so pretty on her =)

Tracy said...

Wow, is she gorgeous! She is a beautiful young woman! That dress is to die for! She and Caleb looked positively adorable. Hope they had an absolutely wonderful time. = )