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Easter Baptisms

Hello Ya'll....are you still there??? H-E-L-L-O! Really, are you there?

I haven't been very good about blogging these days...and there has been plenty to blog about. I'm just terribly busy~more than the usual busy. Oiy! Our high school prom is this weekend and I have been working so hard to get it all together. Maybe after Saturday night I can get back to blogging 'cause I've missed you.

So, if you are still somehow reading my little blog, thank you! I love you more than the new shoes I bought last night...and girl, they are cute!

My oldest nephew was baptized on Easter Sunday and his sweet Mommy asked me to take pictures. Delight! I am so thankful that I have been taking an online photography class. I really am enjoying shooting in Shutter mode, Aperture Mode, and even Manual Mode. The auto/no flash setting is no longer my Bff.

To say that I was overjoyed to take pictures is an understatement. What a great privilege to get to observe such a holy moment...but I was nervous too. I mean it is not like I could say, "Could you please, dunk him again...I missed it!" So after many, many prayers, and the time to set my white balance, pick a setting, etc. I was ready. I took nearly 100 photos. "A" was baptized and so was cousin "S." What a special, special day.

Here are some of the photos:

I love this father son picture:


Getting ready:

A quick photo w/ Aunt Kiki:

Cousin "S" with Brother Dave:

Isn't she just precious:

And gorgeous:


Almost time:

Cousin "S" watching after her baptism:

Poppie with "A" (Poppie is my father-in-law. He used his dad's
handkerchief....Pappaw would have loved this day!)

Moments to treasure:

The happy family...the circle is nearly complete:

A little gift from Aunt Kiki and Uncle (Mr. Incredible). He loves to play the wii
at our house, so this shirt seemed perfect.
And here is A's little brother, my youngest nephew who watched everything so carefully.
We are praying for your special day, "Double A."
And then our circle of faith will be complete.



Kim@Seasons of My Heart said...

Hey friend~
It's SO good to see a blog post from you...and this one...oh my...it melted my heart.

Baptism....OH so special!

I'll be praying for you as your are entering the final stages of prom. You go girl. :-)

Traci@ Beneath My Heart said...

What a joyous day! The pictures are wonderful. I need to take a photo class badly! Hope you are all doing well.

Beth in NC said...

So precious! The pictures made me cry.

bp said...

This made me smile "Circle of faith"

Thanks for visiting today, I've missed you to!