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A Pruning and a Blessing

This verse is the Air1 verse of the day
(Our family really enjoys this station).

With the recent season that we are finding ourselves in, you can find out more by clicking this link, this verse spoke volumes to me today. I instantly thought of the last picture that I took after last week's mowing and weeding episode. Where there were once ginormous weeds, there are holes and barrenness, but if you look closer, you can see new growth.

The new growth is a beautiful, cheery green color; this is quite a contrast to the dry, barren land.
I wondered to myself if that is how our hearts look when the Master Gardener prunes away our weeds, even the ones that are so deeply rooted. The uprooted weeds in our hearts leave quite a gap that should only be filled with Him, His desires, His will, His fruit, His Son....and shouldn't that be our heart's desire?

His working in our lives is glorious, and quite a humbling thought that the King of kings and Lord of lords delights in working in the lives of His children and that He loves us far too much to leave us the way that we are, but often it is painful. But, I have to say that if the end result is the "desire and the power to do what pleases Him" and that we come through seasons somehow looking more like Jesus, than how can we be afraid of a visit with the Master Gardener?
Take it from me, stop hiding in the weed-filled garden of your heart, and meet with Him today.

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Cathy said...

Thanks for that wonderful verse for today.

Susan said...

What a powerful verse. Something I really need to meditate on and get it in my spirit.

Love your new look!

How is your daugther doing these days?


3 Blessings said...

Beautiful! Thanks for sharing.
Blessings to you today,

Amydeanne said...

new growth is amazing once we allow it to come isn't it?

Great WFW!

Beth in NC said...

What a wonderful post Kristi. I haven't been able to visit lately.

Such a good reminder to allow God and even ask God to prune us.

Bless you,

Toia said...

Beautiful. Happy WFW!!

Ann said...

Thanks for the reminder--especially to fill the pruned holes with God.

Colored With Memories said...

great verse. i'm loving your header pic!

Carrie said...

I love that verse, thank you. I think that would be a beautiful verse to paint in my daughter's room.