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Are You Game for Some Decorating?


After Tuesday's post on Love-40 and reminiscing about my old tennis racquet, I realized that I have never shown you what I did in my family room.

There is a weird space above our built in cabinets in the family room. After we moved in, I wasn't sure what to do with the space and I really didn't want to spend anymore money so I looked around and came up with an idea.

All of the sporting equipment that was too old to be very useful but was full of sentimental value was stored in the attic. Hmmmm....let's get it out and use it!

I had some greenery from Hobby Lobby and some Styrofoam, so I cut it to fit the 11 foot width of the top of the cabinet. I stuck the greenery in the Styrofoam and placed it above the cabinet.

Then I had fun placing my tennis racquet, my basketball from UT basketball camp, my volleyball from my high school days, my husband's favorite golf club (that he doesn't use anymore), a signed baseball bat, some deer antlers (not mine), a couple of wooden ducks, a Dr. Pepper collector's edition bottle from Baylor, and a vintage Uncle Sam tin sign.

Wanna see it?

Need a close up? (Please, ignore all of the dust and cobwebs...I can't be bothered by dusting with such important tasks like teaching my youngest daughter to play tennis!)

See my racquet?

You can see the big, black box in this photo:

It's Mr. Incredible's surround sound thingy....it's ugly but a man's gotta have his surround sound...or so I've been told. I think it looks a little better hidden in the greenery.

And how much did this little makeover cost? Nothing! Now, that's my kind of makeover.



ilovemy5kids said...

Looks great! Love the DP! Hope you don't mind but I'm your excuse. "The reason I'm not dusting is because Kristi is teaching her daughter how to play tennis." We'll see how long that lasts around here. Sad thing is, I'm sure only I will notice.

Blessings to you today,

Joanna said...

Thanks for stopping by my nest!

What a great idea and I just love it for a family room!

I know what you mean about the surround sound. DH is the same way here. Only I'm glad you were able to hide yours. I was told that anything in front would mess up the sound. Men!

Carrie said...

What a great way to showcase memorabilia!

My friends wanted me to post a tutorial for writing on the wall, so check my blog later today and it's basically the same way I did the fleur de lis on the fabric! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

What a great idea! Well done~

Alicia, The Snowflake said...

Oh wow! That looks wonderful! You did a great job!

Oh and don't worry about the dust. I've got plenty of my own ;)

Nicole @ BugaBoos said...

Looks Awesome! Love it! What a fun and great idea for a family room!