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Double A Plays Baseball...and Sings and Dances too!

My youngest nephew is playing baseball.  Woo hoo!  After a Senior Session Premiere, I grabbed my camera and our family headed to the ballpark.

I think he was glad to see us.  Look at his smile!

He patiently waited for his turn to take the field.

As his big brother, my oldest nephew, did a little coaching.  

Looking good in the outfield AA!

And this is where the fun begins!  He was picking weeds in the outfield and slinging them around.  Too funny!

It must get a bit boring in the outfield but not for AA!

He won't admit it, but it looked like he was singing songs and doing a few MC Hammer moves.

Duh, nuh, nuh, nuh....you can't touch this!

Really, "you can't touch this!"  Or rather, will somebody please hit me the ball! And then he did another MC Hammer move where he did a little dance from side to side.  I thought I had it on video, but I was giggling so much, I guess I didn't hit record. Ha!

So fun!

His cousin, Chan was a bit bored too:

After that inning, the dugout was busting with enthusiasm.  "Hey Coach, is it time for snow cones yet?"  Ha!

 After a quick inning, AA was back in the outfield.  Where was that weed?

Oops! I think I've been spotted!  And the dancing and singing stopped.  Sad moment.  Ha!

 Chan was as intense about the game as his dad....

....well, maybe not! Looks like his daddy is getting ready to throw his hat again.  Ha!  The life of a coach is difficult.  I wish he could tell you the story about his baby girl putting on her baseball uniform for the first time.  Hilarious!  And I'm with her, baseball pants are made for boys, not girls....or they would be soft and fluffy and pink!

I love Chan's intensity in this shot:

and this one.

Finally, it was his turn to bat.  Batting has to be the best part of baseball!

Oh, how I love him!  I could never hit the ball!  It might mess up my hair. But AA can hit the ball well!  

Back in the outfield.

While his brother grabbed a second to look at Aunt Kiki.  I love this nephew too!

Meanwhile, back in the outfield....

I think this one of Double A is my favorite from the night!  Yeah right, you weren't singing, buddy! 

Double AA, you made the game so fun and your Aunt Kiki is super-awesome proud of you!
Please, don't stop singing, dancing, and picking weeds in the outfield because that will mean you are growing up too fast and I'm just not ready for that!  Sing at the top of your lungs and I'll sing with you!

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Linnie Dimmitt said...

You're such a sweet Aunt! Playing sports is truly a huge event in a kid's life and the way AA looks at the photos, I'm sure he's happy to share the experience with you. The first photo definitely shows all of AA's emotion: nervous about the game, excitement in seeing himself wearing his uniform, and simply being happy to all the things happening to him. Linnie @ UniformsExpress.com