Welcome to my little corner of the world. I am so honored by your visit today. My name is Kristi and I am married to my college sweetheart(I refer to him here as "Mr. Incredible"), momma to my 2 beautiful girls who are growing much too quickly, a high school computer teacher, photographer, and a gardener (at times~right now I'm growing weeds). I love to laugh, drink strong Starbucks coffee, take pictures, and be anywhere my family is. Jesus is my Savior and I try so hard to be the wife and momma that He has called me to be. I often fail but He lovingly picks me up, dusts me off, and encourages me that with Him all things are possible. Feel free to join me on this journey of faith, stop in and say hello, look around, and leave a comment~I love comments. Why "Kiki's Corner?" My nephews call me Aunt Kiki and I love that too.

Ten on Tuesday

 1.  Hannah is playing and her Varsity Basketball team are in the first round of playoffs tonight!!! I am soooooooooo excited that I can hardly stand it. Go Lady Buffs!!!!  Go #50!!!!!!!!!!!!

2.  Sorry I missed Ten on Tuesday last week....crazy busy!!!

3.  LOVED this post!!!! Whether you are a photographer or not, this is a great post for everyone!  It is a great reminder to never give up even when things get tough! 

4.  And speaking of great posts.  This one really hit home!!!  If you are on the fence about having portraits taken of you with your family because you think you need to lose a few pounds first (Yes, I am talking to myself too) this is a must read!!!  I proudly am the one behind the camera. One of my favorite things is taking pictures of people that I love the most in this world!  And the few times I am on the other side of the camera, I rip myself apart when I see the images.  Heaven forbid that something should happen to me, I want my girls to have pictures of me with them...because when they see me in that picture, they will be looking at it through eyes of love. 
5.  I feel the need to say, #3 wasn't a ploy to get you to hire me to take your family photos.  Really, it wasn't! Although, you know I would be so honored!

6.  My baby girl turned 16 Sunday!  SIXTEEN!!!  Where has the time gone????!!

7.  Couscous is now a favorite at our house.  We like it better than rice these days and it only takes 5 minutes to prepare!!!

8.  Have I told you how much I adore Tervis???  I think I have a new addiction.  Seriously! They are the best at keeping drinks hot and cold.  And since my man and I are drinking a LOT more water these days, we can drink in style.  That sounds so wrong. Ha!

9.  Speaking of addictions, I like Scentsy too. Do you? I gifted several for Christmas this year.  I didn't realize how many I had purchased and given as gifts until someone was unwrapping a gift and one of my daughters said, "Another Scentsy?!"  Do you have a favorite scent? I really liked the  Caramel Pear Crisp this fall, and I played mixologist this winter with Sugar Cookie and Cinnamon Clove but I have no idea what to try for Spring.  Any suggestions?

10.  I like Justin Bieber's accoustic CD....but don't tell anyone. Ok?!

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