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Summer is Quickly Coming to an End!

It's true!  Summer is quickly coming to an end.  The other evening, my family was looking for a little snack, so I cut up the delicious watermelon I had waiting for us chilling in the refrigerator.  I love watermelon!  It is such a happy fruit.  I love the bright red insides and the delicious sweetness....ah summer time!  I put a little sea salt on mine to bring out the flavor.  I always have enjoyed my watermelon that way.  Do you?  I know some people like to put lime juice on theirs or chili powder, but give me a little sea salt and I am happy.

I left the other half of the watermelon on my kitchen island just in case my family wanted any more.  Mr. Incredible obviously needed just a spoon full....see the hole in the watermelon?  But I loved how the light of the candle fell on the watermelon and so I snapped a photo.  It kind of signifies the light of summer is quickly dimming and coming to an end.

Last week, I wasn't ready for summer to end...this week, I'm starting to get ready for school to begin.  I've been dreading it mostly because Rachel leaves for college, but I might as well be getting my heart ready because like it or not, she will be going, and school will be starting soon.

Don't get me wrong, I am so excited for her newest adventure with the Lord.  She will have so many amazing opportunities, and I will be excitedly waiting to hear about each one, I'm just not ready for this precious one to leave the nest.  A new milestone in our family life for sure.  But, it just came too quickly!

I am ready for routines again.  I know our calendar will be quite busy with Hannah being in high school.  Our days will be filled with cross country, band, basketball (yippee!), school, photography, etc.  And part of me is longing for routine again.

It took me the longest time to find my groove and to embrace the ease of summer, but I have fully embraced it.  I am so thankful to have had it, but I'm ready to do what God has called me to do.  I'm ready to step into my classroom and see all that God has in store for me, for my students, and for my family this year.  Are you getting ready for school?  Are you facing any new milestones this year too?


Patti said...

LOVE salt on any melon!
I'm finishing up summer school this week, then have 3 weeks off before I return.
This year will have it's challenges - a new principal after 8 years and a new guidance counselor. God has brought me through 4 prior principal's & 2 guidance counselor's, so I'm sure He has great plans in store for me with this new combo!

Doe-Doe said...

Well that's an awesome pic. We too are ready for routine. It's kinda weird to me that it's that time again. We will be facing the challenges of being in a different school this year since Moss has been torn down. I hope the unpacking goes as smoothly as the packing went. I can't wait to meet my new students. I teach Pre-K and am combined with Early Childhood Special needs children. Every year presents new challenges when dealing with these precious kiddos. Most of them live in poverty stricken neighborhoods and of course the special needs kids face their own challenges every day. Every year I look forward to discovering what each child's needs are and making it my yearly goal to make every child feel special in some way. Most of them just need love and I have lots of that to give. God has given me much love for the kids I teach, and everyday has a new lesson. Praise Him for teaching me that what I have is all I need, and if He sees fit for me to have anything else He will provide! What a MIGHTY GOD we serve!! Praying for you to have a great year! Hugs!!

Jaunna said...

Watermelon is my favorite summer treat! Have you tried pw's Watermelon Granita? My Grandma made it for me after I had surgery a couple of weeks ago and it was delish-even with sub'ing Splenda for the sugar!

Ruthie starts Kindergarten this year! We are getting ready, she is so excited-but I am kinda emotional about it-as you can imagine! :)