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Oh What a Night!

After school, I headed home to change into my flip flops, shorts, and a t-shirt and to begin editing my remaining mini session pictures, a recent maternity photo shoot, and Holly's photos.  I had just sat down at my computer when my cell phone rang.  The picture on my Iphone said it was my Hannah probably calling to tell me that she was finished running cross country and decorating the gym for today's pep rally and to please come pick her up.  Wrong!

One of my teacher friends was on the other line.  I remember hearing something like, "Kristi!  Um, Hannah cut her thumb helping us decorate for the pep rally and she is bleeding pretty bad; you might want to come get her."  Oh no!  I hopped in the suburban and drove like the wind to the high school.  I followed the trail of blood to where Hannah was sitting down holding her thumb up in the air.  Blood was dripping down her arms.  She was bleeding so much, that I couldn't tell if she needed stitches or what to do so we headed to see Poppie (Mr. Incredible's dad). 

He got the bleeding to subside just for a split second so that we could see that Hannah had cut the top tip of her thumb completely off.  Instead of having a concave curve on the top of her thumb, it was now inverse (a little geometry~hope I used the correct terms) and cut pretty deeply....she did a fine job!  There was nothing to stitch up, but we couldn't get the bleeding to stop!

I called the pediatrician's office who told us to get there as soon as possible and that they would be waiting!  This momma's heart heard, "as soon as possible," so that is what I did.  I hit the hazard lights on my suburban and made the normally twenty minute drive to the doctor's office in only fifteen minutes.  I would have gotten there sooner but an undercover policeman pulled me over!  The nerve! 

I whipped out of my suburban before he could even pull his pants up on his way out of his unmarked police car.  He muttered something about going nearly twenty miles over the speed limit and what was the problem, blah, blah, blah.  Before he could finish his spiel, I retorted, "My daughter cut the top of her thumb off.  I saw you following me for several blocks.  I thought you might be helping me get to the doctor's office.  If you are going to give me a ticket, then just give me a ticket, but I am going to get back in my car and get my daughter to the doctor that is waiting for us!"  On my way back to the suburban he sarcastically said he would follow me there~he didn't believe me!

When I pulled in to the doctor's office, we parked, I went flying around to help Hannah get out of the car, and the policeman/jerk went running across the parking lot to see if what I was saying was true.  I didn't let him touch my daughter.  I looked him squarely in the eyes and said, "I need to get my child inside!  Again, if you are going to give me a ticket then just give me a ticket!"  He looked at me and smiled and said, "I need to talk to you so I will wait for you outside!"  The nerve!

I took Hannah inside, checked her in and stayed with my daughter.  The policeman could wait as long as he needed but I wasn't leaving Hannah!  He waited outside the door of the doctor's office as if we were some high profile case.  As we were taken back to see the doctor, we noticed the policeman got a call (maybe he was a detective, he was wearing a brown shirt and brown pants not the normal blue that I assume most policeman wear) so he hopped in his undercover cop car and pulled away!

Hannah's doctor was in rare form.  He told her that she did a fine job on her thumb and to stay away from scissors.  Then he had the nurse clean her up and told us goodbye.  Hannah is still bleeding through everything that they are using to try to stop the bleeding...so we were both stunned.  That's when the doctor laughed and said, "I'm kidding! No sense of humor today?"  What?!

After we explained our week of taking Rachel to college and Mr. Undercover Cop in the parking lot, he laughed and then explained how they would stop the bleeding and he seemed a bit more on the compassion side.  Oh, the jokes kept rolling (our normal doctor wasn't in the office yesterday afternoon) but that seemed to make Hannah feel more at ease.

No stitches, but the bleeding finally stopped and now she has a cool red thumb.  Our school colors are red...she should fit right in at today's pep rally!  (I snapped these with my Iphone-the quality isn't quite as good)

After leaving the doctor's office, we drove into this massive, boisterous storm!  It was a bit scary for a while:
But, wait!  There is more!  Mr. Incredible was sweet to meet us at the doctor's office and once we got home volunteered to put our pizza in the oven.  I think I must have had a crazed-stressed out look in my eyes.  I thanked him for helping and then heard ca-splat!  I turned around to see this:
Oops!  I broke into hysterical laughter.  I couldn't even help him clean it up...I was rolling on the floor laughing uncontrollably.  What did my man do?  He scooped it up, plopped it on a cookie sheet, and stuck it in the oven...5 second rule I guess!  I'm thankful my floor was somewhat clean.

We enjoyed our floor pizza for dinner and then we heard the doorbell ring.  My man said, "Come quick! There are cars everywhere.  I think you just might be getting arrested."  So funny!  When we got to the door we opened the door to see the cheeleaders coming to check on Hannah and to bring her some flowers, a card, candy, sunglasses, and bandaids. So sweet!

After they left, we finished a craft project to send to Rachel (no, I didn't let Hannah use the scissors) and then we all fell into bed thankful that we survived the day! 


The Real Me! said...

Oh my goodness! My day was seriously dull in comparison to yours. I'm glad you survived it my friend, but my Momma's heart was with you the whole time and the nerve of that police officer. LOL!
Hoping today is a stress free day.

Saleslady371 said...

Good natured Hannah! But what about the cop? Wondered what he wanted! Happy Friday.

bp said...

Oh what a day! Poor Hannah!

The floor pizza made me laugh.

Hope you have a good day and weekend!

shelly said...

my motto is to laugh before I cry....some days, that's all ya can do! my hubby is the king of trying to cut off fingers. one huge tip is to use vitamin E on it once it's healing....it seriously reduces scar tissue and hopefully won't leave the area so sensitive (just break open a gel pill with a pin and massage it in)

Kim@Seasons of My Heart said...

Oh my word...what a day you had.

I'm glad everything is ok...and that in the end...you could laugh! ha

Praying for you.