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Rio...with a Side of Nachos!

 Sunday night dinners around my house growing up were always relaxed.   Sunday lunches, on the other hand, were magnificent!  Picture delicious smells of a tender roast wafting through the air when we arrived home from church mixed with comforting smells of delicious baked rolls (Hannah likes to call them bread rolls), homemade mashed potatoes, and a special dessert all eaten around the dining room table....that is still one of my most favorite smells to this day!  Sunday dinners (eaten at lunch) were the best....and they still are around my house if you ask my family....okay when I have gone to the grocery store and planned out the meals and taken time to actually make a Sunday dinner: I do like to go out for Sunday lunches too. :-)

And speaking of "dinner," do you call your Sunday lunches "Dinner," and your evening meal "supper?"  Any other day of the week, my evening meals are referred to as "dinner," but Sunday lunches are special...so we call them "dinner."  Confusing?  Sorry! 

Anyway, yesterday's Sunday Dinner consisted of a delicious brisket, mashed potatoes (I forgot to put them on before leaving for church so we used the dreaded instant potatoes...and they weren't too bad because we dressed them up with cheese and sour cream), Sister Shubert rolls (incredible!), broccoli, and chocolate cake (thanks Mom and Dad for blessing Rachel with a last day of work before college cake).  Yum!

But Sunday evening was totally different.  Our Sunday evening meal is normally, "You find it, you eat it."  Which mostly consists of sandwiches or popcorn, but last night we had super nachos!  Good, old fashioned, broiled in the oven, ooey-gooey, cheesy nachos.  My family inhaled them.  Me?  I think I must have chapped my lips at Rock the Desert this weekend, because one bite of the delicious cheesy goodness, and my lips swelled up a bit.  They were lovely, looked like collagen-injected mega lips....that hurt!  Kind of weird.  I drowned my burning lips in a piece of chocolate cake and they liked that much better. Ha!

And we watched the movie Rio together.  Have you seen it?  Oh, so cute.  It was a fun, relaxed family evening at home....and I treasured every second.....except for the, "My lips are on fire moment...." because I know it will be all too soon (two weeks to be exact) before our daughter ventures off to college.  Yes, these last two weeks are filled with Cross Country practice, band sectionals, band marching, shopping for last minute college things, and teacher inservice....but we will be making treasured memories in the process.  Do you have special Sunday dinner/supper memories?


Patti said...

Raised in a Dutch household - Sunday was "dinner" right after church. My favorite was a beef roast either cooked with potatoes & carrots right in the same pot OR my mom would make noodles in the broth of the beef! Oh I loved those Sunday dinners. We continued the tradition with our boys as they were growing up too, but now it's just us, so we tend to eat a bigger dinner later in the day, especially if it means the boys come home to eat with us!

The Real Me! said...

We make Sunday's our BBQ day. We usually grill burgers, and have cole slaw and roasted potato salad.
And since my hubby's schedule is so weird I call lunch dinner because that's when we have to eat our big meal. So I got the kids all mixed up. Ha! Ha!
And we are a free for all Sunday dinner as well. I figured we had one big meal, isn't that enough? LOL! Popcorn ranks high on the list but now I'm craving nachos. YUM! Sorry about your lip my friend. But the idea of a chocolate cake soothing it was genius. Ha! Ha!
Have a fabulous day.

♥ilovemy5kids♥ said...

We always call it dinner. Until I married a "yankee." Now, I just say "Come and Get it!" not to confuse the natives. :)

Every Sunday night we have grilled cheese and my hubby's homemade tomato soup. Seriously, I love it!!!

Precious memories!

Erica said...

Yummy! I remember Sunday "dinners." My mom often left a roast in the oven when we went to church. We make lunch light~usually sandwiches, and lately we've been doing "brinner" at night.

Anonymous said...

Growing up, Sunday lunch was always so much fun. Immediately after church my mom would get to work creating breakfast for lunch. We had pancakes, bacon, eggs, toast, orange juice. It was fantastic. She never made dinner because we would be munching on the million pancakes she'd made that afternoon. I loved it!
I took my 3 year old to see Rio in the theater and we loved it. I told my husband that it was one we should buy to have at home.