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Our Princess Goes to Her Senior Prom

I have so much to share about Jerusalem, but I just couldn't wait to share Rachel's senior prom pictures!

Yes, this weekend was her Senior Prom....sigh! We had so much fun getting our princess ready for prom. We bought the dress and while it was beautiful just the way it was, it needed Granny's special touch. Because, you know this already, I am the queen of the hot glue and sewing is not my thing.  But sewing is totally my mom's thing. She came up with a design and design she did. Designed by Granny...so special! My mom totally reworked the bodice, and added the special over the shoulder decor and bustle and train.  It looked like a completely different dress and Rachel was over the top excited.  It was totally her!  Prom princess couture by Granny.  Amazing!

And Rachel's shoes....oh my!  I want her shoes. Yes, I do.  They are fabulous. 

Rachel had her nails done Friday night with her friend Sarah and then she had a hair appointment Saturday morning. She asked her sister to go with her...cue the tears!  I love that Rachel wanted Hannah to go with her!

It was fun to help her get dressed and take a million pictures before her friends arrived.

Rachel simply took our breath away. 

Love the back of this dress.  Thank you, Granny!!!

Love the hair too:
Since I am a senior sponsor this year, and a senior parent too-duh!, Mr. Incredible and I wanted to make an appearance and see all of the students.  We decided to take Hannah too.  How many eighth graders get to see a junior/senior prom?  Hannah was over-the-top-excited!  And Rachel was too.  I helped Hannah straighten her hair.  This was one of the days I dreamed about when I was hoping and dreaming to be a wife and mommy of daughters some day.  My some day was Saturday.  It was so fun to play dress up with my girls.  I loved and treasured every second.

Here are my gorgeous girlies:

I know!  They are growing much too quickly:

After the grandparents stopped by to see our Prom Princess, the doorbell rang and it was Rachel's friend Sarah.  They both were all giggles:
Then it was time for the stinkin' boys to arrive.  Ha!  They are actually really nice young men.  Caleb, on the right was Rachel's date last year.  This year Rachel's friend, Jacob asked her to prom.  They all went together as friends...love that too!
They were all sweet to let the Mama-razzi take lots of pictures. 
I think the guys were excited about their dates too.  They gave me this pose:

And then our little Princess went off to the Prom...and she took our hearts with her!  This momma's heart knows all too well that her next senior milestone is graduation....and I'm just not ready for that yet!


Erica said...

Your girls are stunning, just like their momma!

bp said...

Time for prom already! Just absolutely gorgeous! Thanks for sharing.

BARBIE said...

Oh these moments...don't you wish you could stop time? Your daughters are beyond beautiful!

The Real Me! said...

Aww...such a fun sweet memory for the whole family it looks like.
Rachel's hair is GORGEOUS!!! And how fun for Hannah to get to go. Her hair looks so long straightened.
Are we going to hear how it went?