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Is There an App for That?

I really like my Iphone and my Ipad.  I'm a computer teacher...a techie-geek to the core.  I like my gadgets.  And I'm always on the look out for super-cool apps.  I like the free ones or the ones that only cost $.99.  My girls like apps too.  Often when I sync my phone to my computer I will always end up with random apps like  Mr. Giggle lite, Cut the Rope, Cupcake Baker, Doodle Ships, Sam's Remote (from Icarly), and one day I had Angry Birds on my phone.

What is it about those birds and pigs?  It's addicting.  We bought the full app and I used a lot of my Christmas vacation to complete every level....it's a sickness I tell you.  Who doesn't like hurling animated birds at pigs and boxes with the words TNT written on them? 

But, lately, I've been looking for some more apps.  I need the "Do Your Laundry For You" app....not the lite version, the real deal version.  Or the "Dinner's Ready" app.  Wouldn't that be nice?  I technically have that...it's called my crock-pot when I remember to fill it, plug it in, and actually turn it on.

I would really like apps like those.  How about you?  If you could create your own app what would it be?


The Real Me! said...

I have Angry Birds on my itouch and it is addicting. LOL! I have Cut the Rope too. LOL!
If I had to come up with an app it would probably be "All the prep work has been done for your homeschool" app. Ha! Teaching is not my gift so prepping is hard for me. I wouldn't mind doing the teaching part if I didn't have to do the prep work first. LOL! Oh well. I do my best!

Have a beautiful day my precious friend.

BARBIE said...

I totally had to laugh at this post. I so could use the "do your laundry" app or the "Dinner's ready" app. How about the "vacuum" app or the "drive-your-kids-everywhere" app. Have a great tomorrow!

Erica said...

It would have to be the "Clean the Toilet" app!

Karen M said...

I just got an iPhone4 for my birthday last weekend. So I'm loving exploring all the apps! Kinda of gotten addicted to Words with Friends.

I think I could use the "Write your research paper for you" app!