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Happy Birthday Rachel Ann!

Happy 18th birthday, Rachel Ann!!!  Eighteen years ago today, I received one of the greatest blessings in my life!  You were the tiniest little thing.  I cannot possibly believe that today we celebrate your 18th birthday.  It really cannot be.  I blinked just for a second, and now you are getting ready to graduate high school.  Be still my heart. 

So, today, my precious girl, I want you to know:

1.  I always wanted to be a mommy!  And today, because of you sweet child of mine, I too am celebrating 18 years of motherhood.  Oh, there is nothing in this world like being yours and Hannah's momma! I have loved every second of it!

2.  You have always been a momma's girl...and don't tell anyone, but I have always LOVEd that fact!  Yes, you love your daddy with all of your heart too, but we have a special bond that I have never taken for granted.

3.  You are the BEST big sister in the world.  I love to watch you and Hannah together.  Sisterhood is a special, special bond. 

4.  You carefully prayed about your decision for college and never caved under the pressure of timing.  On the day you announced your decision, we both cried.  Sweet girl, I am not ready for you to go off to school, but you definitely have our blessing.

5.  We celebrated your 1 year anniversary after brain surgery recently and we still marvel at all that God has done in your life.  Knowing all that He did for you and through you, makes letting you go off to college in August a little easier on this momma's heart of mine!

6.  You shine so beautifully for the Lord!  Please, always shine for Him!

7.  One of my favorite parts of the morning is to get up early to tell you and your sister good morning and to find you reading your Bible and spending time with the Lord.  Love this!!!

8.  You are so stinkin' funny too!  We can laugh about the silliest things.

9.  You are a wonderful friend.  Even with a recent friendship difficulty, you still wanted the best for your friend in spite of how he was treating you.

10.  It is so fun to travel with you.  What a blessing to get to go to Israel with you, your sister, Daddy, and both sets of your grandparents.  We made memories to last a lifetime, didn't we?!

11.  You and I share a love for Starbucks!  This thrills me to no end.  I'll have to remember to send you Starbucks cards when you are off to college next year.

12.  You are a gifted teacher.  It is a delight to see you interact and teach the Elevate kids on Sunday mornings.

13.  I love to hear you sing for the Lord....and the battle of bands coming from you and your sister's rooms on a daily basis.

14.  Your chihuahua, Lizzie, adores you and only you.  And even though, we give you a hard time about that fact, it really is so fun to see Lizzie run to only you. Stinkin' chihuahua!

15.  You are very creative.  Although, we haven't had a lot of time to be crafty, you really have a gift.

16.  You are a hard worker with an excellent work ethic. 

17.  You are a leader....and what a wonderful leader at that.

18.  You are everything I dreamed you would be...and so much more! Really, you are! 

I have so many, many more things to write, but I'll close for now. Eighteen things for your 18th birthday. You are the heart of my heart, apple of His eye, and one of the daughters that I hoped and prayed that I would have. The Lord has blessed us indeed! Happy birthday sweet girl!


The Real Me! said...

Once again I wanted to cry. I love the love you have for your girls. It's so wonderful. Mine will be 18 in September and it just goes by way to fast.
Tell Rachael Happy Birthday for me.

bp said...

Happy birthday Rachel! I hope your day is blessed. It is an encouragement to read your Mom's posts about the leader and light you are. May God bless you as you follow after Him as a new chapter for you begins soon.

BARBIE said...

What a beautiful post for your daughter. Rachel is beautiful! You have been truly blessed.

Karen M said...

Happy Birthday to Rachel & Happy 18th anniversary of motherhood for you! There really is nothing that changes a person like becoming a mother. You just can't explain to anyone how much you love your own kids. Kind of helps us understand God's love for us.

Kim@Seasons of My Heart said...


What a special daughter you have...you have SO much to be proud of! :-)