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Be Aggressive Be Be Agressive!

*update: game 1 this morning... Our girls lost to a bigger school 49-27. Hannah had 8 points
and....5 fouls. But I have to say that 3 fouls were right but the other 2 were bad calls from the 4-eyed reffs (not that I'm bitter or anything).
We changed seats 3 times because the other team's fans were a bit malicious and were hollering things about my baby girl... And they were not nice things which almost made me lose my witness right there....they need to be nice or I'm going to use my best momma bear voice and tell them how I really feel. I'm just saying! It was not nice! Maybe I should start bringing my earplugs.

I just love to watch my baby girl play basketball! What a season it has been already. Her team is undefeated. Woo-hoo!!Last night they won 54-3 (Hannah had 16 points). That was their first time to score more than 50 points in a game...and they are just 7th graders!

It is so fun to go to their games. Their team has been playing together since 1st grade and wow have they come a long way. I can't believe how much all of the girls have grown.

They are playing in a tournament this weekend with schools from bigger school districts. We are thankful that they won last night and we are excited about the games tomorrow.

I just had to share a funny story with you. Mr. Incredible and I often encourage Hannah to "be aggressive!" Her daddy will say something like, "Hannah, when you play basketball, you need to play like this is my court, this is my house, and don't let the other team keep you from scoring or getting those rebounds!"

Hannah and I have had many a rebounding practice session in the family room or outside at our basketball goal. I encourage her to use her "hiney" to block out.

My dad told me when I was playing basketball for James Martin HS in Arlington, TX, that, "If you are going to foul....make it count!" I've shared those exact same words of wisdom with Hannah.

Last night....she took it all to heart! You know those commercials on tv where the guy is playing paint ball and he fires the paintball at his friend but it is too light and then the next scene shows a ginormous paintball that literally takes the guy out which is too heavy?

Um, that was my precious baby girl last night.

At one point in the second half, Hannah and a girl from the losing team (I don't know where my girl gets her competitive spirit) were fighting to get the basketball. I look down from the stands to see my precious daughter, who we have prompted to be aggressive since 1st grade, punch the girl in the stomach as she grabs the basketball. The referee saw the whole thing so he blows his whistle....and calls "Jump ball!" What???? He didn't even call a foul.

The next play, our dainty darling is trying to post up when her defender starts throwing elbows. It wasn't 2 seconds before the defender hit the ground. They did call a foul on Hannah...and the very words I have spoken to her resounded in my ears, "If you are going to foul, make it count!"

Oh, she was aggressive last night. There were a couple of times where I only watched with one eye. Hannah was definitely being aggressive. She fought hard to get open, to post up, and to defend her girl. She was on fire the second half of the game.

But, when the 3rd girl (from the other team) hit the ground, and the fans gasped, and then the girl paused a few seconds before getting up, I have to admit that I said a quick prayer that went something like this, "Oh, Lord, please help her to get up." And then I wondered to myself if I should take my photo button of my girl off of my sweater and slide out the back door of the gym.

Hannah's coach was pleased with how aggressively she played. I heard other parents comment on how aggressively she played and that they liked it. So, tomorrow, I will once again be the proud momma in the stands wearing my photo button and cheering for my baby girl. But tonight, I think we will skip the "be aggressive" speech and blocking out lesson. Clearly, she has that down!


Debbie said...

Amen to this. I'm so glad your girl is learning many life lessons. Sports can be such a fertile ground for teaching life's truths.


Lea said...


The Real Me! said...

Well one thing parents need to remember when they let their kids play basketball is that it is a VERY aggressive game! LOL. I'm 6' tall and didn't play for that very reason. I didn't and don't like conflict! LOL.
You need to show us some video. I'd love to see her play.

Blue Creek Home said...

Dang, Mama Bear!!! You and your little girl rock!!! I giggled all the way through this post.

I got Streams in the Desert today!!!!! I am looking forward to starting it.


Beautiful pear tree lane said...

Good Morning, I wish I could tell you how I found your blog, but I am so glad I did . I have so enjoyed reading not only this post, but many others as well.
I have been so blessed by my visit here.
You are truly an inspiration.