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Banana Peeling & Pudding 101

Do you have trouble peeling bananas?
Do you poop out at parties?
(Sorry, my inner I Love Lucy came out-remember Vitameatavegamin?)

My Dad showed us how to properly peel a banana. I didn't know there was a correct way did you? I peel my bananas like everyone else and they are always bruised at the top. Anyway, bruised bananas no more~thank you Dad!

Start with your banana~I have 2 lovely assistants to demonstrate:

Instead of peeling from the top, like I always do, check the other end, like the monkeys do (not my girls~real live monkeys). Pinch the top :

And peel from there. Ah, so much easier and no more bruised bananas!

Would you like a recipe to go with your new banana peel skills?

This is my mom's amazing recipe:

1 14 oz can Eagle Brand Sweetened Condensed Milk
1 1/2 cups cold water
1 (4 serving size)pkg of instant vanilla pudding
2 cups cool whip
36 vanilla wafers (I never count...just use the whole box-minus a few you might eat in the process)
3 medium bananas

Grab your pretty bowl (it makes it look like you went to more of an effort):

line the bottom with vanilla wafers.

Then mix together you pudding, water, and Eagle brand milk and place in the refrigerator for 5 minutes (or longer if you get caught up in playing Guitar Hero with your girls)

Now add the cool whip~fold it in (I never fully grasped this concept, it is much easier just to mix it in)

Then the fun begins: layer wafers, bananas, pudding mixture, repeat until finished.

To fancy it up a bit, I squished (sounds fancy, right) my 3 remaining vanilla wafers and sprinkled them on top. Refrigerate until ready and then enjoy.

It is creamy, goodness. Enjoy!

I am pleased to post this at Works for Me Wednesday.


Nancy said...

Yummy! I'm going to try this!

The Real Me! said...

Well a good tip AND a recipe! It's a bonus post! LOL! And you do have 2 lovely assistants!

bp said...

I had a professor in college that showed us how to properly peel a banana. It was from the bottom like that, I can't remember if it was exactly the same or not, I think it was. It made me think of him.

Grisel said...

Hi there! Wanted to let you know I have made this yummy recipe twice - once at Easter and just this past weekend; and it is hit! Thanks to you and your mom for this great recipe. I had made banana pudding prior to this one, but not the same wow effect!! Loving your pudding recipe in FL!! Thanks for sharing it!