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Bathroom Beautification

(I am so pleased to join Kelly's bathroom tour today. I just adore this sweet sister in the Lord don't you? So, if you have come from Kelly's Korner, welcome! Please, stay a while. I am so blessed by your visit to my blog!)

I have been working away and enjoying every moment.
Yesterday, I showed you a lamp and photo board redo. Today, I'll give you another glimpse into what I have been working on.

I have always wanted to jazz up the girl's bathrooms but I just wasn't sure what to do, so it's kind of been on the back burner, so to speak.

I finally had an idea
(yes, thank you I know it is summer but I think
my brain has returned-and I'm so thankful)!
There has been a blank space between the mirrors and the ceiling
which was just perfect for a little scripture...a daily reminder to start the day with the Lord.

This is Hannah's bathroom wall:

And this is Rachel's bathroom wall:

The walls are not perfect, but they are fun and not boring any longer. The best part of this bathroom beautification project? It didn't cost a thing...only a little time and lots of prayer.

Well, I'm off to do some more redecorating. I'll try to post more updates tomorrow. You can click here and here for the latest updates.
What are you tackling today?


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Puna said...

I love that painting! What a great job! And inspiring and happy to see!

Susie said...

That's a beautiful tackle!!!

The Real Me! said...

How fun my friend! I love it! Great Job!

Beth in NC said...

You did AN AWESOME job on the lettering! I'm impressed!

What am I tackling today? Nothing!

Angela said...

I have MANY scriptures painted on walls, doors, etc. throughout my home. I just LOVE it.....What an awesome job you did..beautiful

Muthering Heights said...

That looks so cute! Great job!

Erica said...

So cute! I love it. What kind of brush did you use?
They are going to be so excited!

One Mom, Five Kids said...

What a great tackle! You did an excellent job - it's really beautiful!

Southern Comfort said...

I just love the pretty writing on the wall. And you did it freehand? Very nice.

Angie said...

Wow! What a fabulous job! I really like it.

shopannies said...

that looks so great and what a great reminder of the lords love

Bethany and crew said...

Now that's some great writing on the wall!! Looks fantastic!!

Lauren said...

I love to see such fun creativity! Great artwork!

Heather said...

I love your creativity!! you did a great job!! What a sweet lady you are and you have a beautiful family!

pumpkinpatches said...

Thank you so much for your comment! I sooooo wish I could paint like you! I LOVE the scripture on the walls, it is so appropriate! have an AWESOME weekend!
God Bless

~Bobbi~ said...

I adore these sayings!!!! Beautiful bathroom!