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Glorious Rain!

I absolutely loved having a graduation header in celebration of of what God and I were able to accomplish together...but orange and black is a bit depressing...so I had to give my blog an uplifting spring/summer makeover. What do you think?

What a blessed rain we had last night!
My eyes are a little bit sleepy today because I had so much
fun listening to the soft pitter pattering of the gentle rain, hearing the mighty thunder,
and watching the dazzling lighting dance across our home.

It was glorious! We don't often have this much rain. Occassionally it may rain for a few minutes and then it is gone. My soul took to the rain
much like my dry and thirsty plants; it was refreshing!
Here are a few glimpses of God's gift to us:

Look at our street!

The clouds were so heavy with bountiful rain, that I couldn't help but grab my camera.

Refreshing spring rain! The sun is out and everything looks new again. What a great start to summer vacation...'cause "Schools Out for Summer!" Woo hoo!!!!




HEATHER said...

I love your New Blog look it's very refreshing!!! Loved the pictures too I also love peaceful rain but here in AZ we don't always or barely get it. When we do I love to sit out on the porch and watch the rain. I also love the smell of the desert when it gets wet.
Have a Blessed Week!!!!
God Bless, Heather

Southern Comfort said...

My favorite nights are the ones with gentle rain falling, and we haven't had that in so long. I'm glad school is out for y'all and that you were replenished by that nice rain.

bp said...

Love your new blog look!

I loved the way you described your wonderful rain. It is so refreshing and I always love how everything looks brighter after a rain.

Have a wonderful first week of summer vacation!

Erica said...

I LOVE your new look and the pictures from today's post were fantastic. I am so glad you have some time to relax this summer! Enjoy1

Shabby Olde Potting Shed said...



Karen M said...

What great pictures of the rain and flowers! Love your new blog look. and enjoy your summer vacation.

The Real Me! said...

I love your new header my friend. And we've been getting rain on a regular basis lately. This after about 2 months of not having any. The only downfall is now the grass is growing again. LOL.
Hugging you.

Alexis said...

Love the photos! We just got that kind of rain yesterday. Complete with thunder and lighting and a sunset to beat all sunsets. It was amazing. Where was my camera? I have no idea!