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Girls Come Home! Your Surprise Makeovers are Done!

My Darling Daughters, come home from camp soon! I've been working ever so hard on your surprise room makeovers and I can hardly wait for you to see them!

Do you wanna see what I have been doing?
Okay, you can see the makeovers before my girls, but shhhh please, don't tell them!

This is Rachel's room:

She has always had this beautiful pink paint on her walls, she chose the color 9 years ago (wow how time flies!). Anyway, from little girl pink...to ever so chic!

Those are tall ceilings! With Rachel's new diagnosis this year (See Rachel's story in my index-regarding our journey as we learn to cope with Arnold Chiari I) she needs black out drapes so that she can sleep better at night. We love living in the country but the blessed moon can sure light up a room with these beautiful windows.

Here is my man braving the ladder to hang the drapes/curtains:
Someday, she would like to visit Paris and London. These pictures from Hobby Lobby were too perfect (and 50% off too!).

We purchased her bedding at Target (which is on sale this week too).

There is her photo board that I just made out of foam board (from Hobby Lobby) wrapped in thick white felt and then covered in material to match her bedding. I hot glued the ribbon and trim. Since I had some left over frames from my graduation gifts and some left over material, I quickly grabbed my left over Modge Podge and made a few frames (there are some in her bathroom too).

This is some more of my decorative painting (it's not perfect, especially if you enlarge it....did you? so you see it's not perfect...so we'll loosely call it art!)

We found this pink Christmas tree in Canton (hello Sunday House!) a few years ago and she likes to leave it out year around. I think it works pretty well right there.

A few more paris themed accessories (from the Hobby Lobby )

And the lamp shade and mirror I recovered with her matching fabric. Have I told ya'll how much I love my hot glue gun?

The extra frames in her bathroom. I got tickled when I realized I had put the material on one of her frames backwards. Oh, well...more art! :-)

Ready to see Hannah's room?

See the green circle with her name? Yes, I painted that too.
Again, it's not perfect but I like it anyway!

I love the purple and lime green against the yellow paint!

I made Hannah a photo board too. I wasn't quite sure what to do with the extra drapery pull back thingies 'cause I didn't plan to use them. They seemed kind of funky and fun on the message/photo board. Yes, I hot glued those too!
I also recovered her chair to match the zebra print.

My Grandpa made her furniture for me many, many years ago.
I love it that it now belongs to Hannah!

Here are a couple more scenes from her bathroom:
I covered this H with leftover scrapbook paper and Modge Podge:

These crosses use to be in Rachel's room (thanks Julie B) but she had already passed them on to her sister this year. I think they look great in Hannah's bathroom and they go great with her new colors!

Last picture in Hannah's room. I added some funky orange trim to this lamp shade. No, it's not matchy-matchy with the rest of her room...but that 's why I like it. It's fun, don't you think?

Whew! I need a nap. Thanks for stopping by. Have a blessed day in the Lord today!


ilovemy5kids said...

LOVE IT!!! You did awesome! I bet they will love it as well. You are a great mom!

Blessings to you friend!

Southern Comfort said...

My goodness-I'm getting lots of decorating ideas from you! The girls are going to love their room make overs. What are you planning next?

♥Rocío♥ said...


The Real Me! said...

How Cute! You did a wonderful job my friend. They are going to be stoked when they walk in and see what you have done. Make sure you have the camera ready!

Angela said...

What a lovely surprise and blessing you have bestowed upon your daughters. It reminded me of the video on my Youtube channel, freespirithome, I did when I cleaned my daughters room while she was at a sleep over, and when she came home, she found her room all prettied up!

The rooms are just GORGEOUS...I think they will cry with joy!!

Colored With Memories said...

OMG! they are going to freak out! what wonderful surprises...you are very talented!!!

sister sheri said...

You are amazing! What lucky ladies! Thanks for sharing all the details... were there any "before" photos?

I love how you dealt with blacking out the half moon window.

Brenda said...

Gorgeous! What a fun surprise to come home to! What a great Mommy you are!