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Sarah: Class of 2012 {A Sneak Peek}

Last night I had the blessing of taking Sarah's Senior Pictures.  Sarah is a Class of 2012 Senior and a Kiki's Corner Rep this year...and I am so glad to have her.  She is beautiful inside and out.  She and my Rachel are friends.  I asked her how it felt to be a senior and she sweetly replied, "It should still be Rachel."  Love that! 

Sweet Sarah, it is your time, your year...have an absolute blast making lots of amazing senior memories!

Sarah and I have been planning her session for weeks.  When I mentioned that it might be fun to start at the local laundry mat, she didn't hesitate.  I thought it would be a unique and fun place to take some pics...it had air conditioning (the temperature outside was a hot 105 degrees) and we were the only ones there~woo hoo!

She even agreed to sit in the laundry cart.  Do I have the best clients, or what?!  I wish doing the laundry at my house was this much fun! Ha!
After a quick change, we headed to several other locations around town.
Isn't she gorgeous?!

We even dared to go back to the Convent.  Remember the bridal photo shoot where I nearly fell to my death?  I braved shooting here again, but carefully watched my step.  There was another surprise waiting for us here, but I'll tell you about that tomorrow. 
Do you northerners know what a pump jack is?  It's black gold in our part of Texas, oil wells.  I hadn't been this close to one ever and it was so much fun! If it hadn't been for the wind, we would have stayed longer.  It was so fun!

Sarah, I hope you enjoyed your sneak peek.  More pictures to follow in your gallery soon.  Thanks for the blessing of taking your senior pictures!


The Real Me! said...

Great pictures and she is just beautiful. What a smile!
Can't wait to see what was waiting for you there. I'll be back to find out!

Erica said...

you do such a great job capturing the best qualities of each of your clients!
She is beautiful!

BARBIE said...

Absolutely beautiful pictures my friend!