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Our Thrifty Finds

I have enjoyed hopping around blog land lately and seeing all of the thrifty finds that everyone seems to be discovering at estate sales and even Goodwill.
The girls and I decided to hop on the thrifty nifty wagon and search for treasures of our own.
Rachel and I went to Goodwill and instead of dropping off some items that we no longer needed, we actually went in the store.
Here is what I found for $3.99:

A lamp (only the shade is pictured because I already started working on the base) and a silver tray. I have my classroom in mind...but you will have to check back later to see what became of these treasures. Funny story, I didn't realize that our Goodwill doesn't accept debit cards....I had to borrow the $3.99 from Rachel....oiy!
Then, Hannah and I went to her first estate sale. She was so funny! She didn't realize that we could actually go in someone's house and browse for treasures. She was a little nervous at first but then she really got into looking around....except for the bathrooms, she refused to go in someone's bathroom. I don't blame her; there was someone's long lost hair piece sitting by the sink. Needless to say, we passed on hunting for thrifty finds in the bathroom.
Hannah did find something at the estate sale:

Can you see that old typewriter? She wasn't sure what it was whenever she saw it. I had to laugh as I explained to her that this was our form of a keyboard when I was her age.

She was excited so we brought the 30 pound keyboard home with her promise that she would never type on her laptop again....typewriting is the way to go...."I like old things," she said.

Here are her 2 modes of writing:

her new/old keyboard and her handy dandy, tiny laptop. I didn't think she would actually take the time to write a letter on the typewriter, but she proved me wrong. She soon discovered that you can't cut and paste or even delete, but she thinks it gives her writing more character....so she typed me a lengthy note...that will make its way into a scrapbook. I am glad that she found such a neat blast from the past.
This thrifty shopping thing is really a lot of fun when you have fun girls to shop with!
For more thrifty finds, please visit Rhoda for more.


Kammy said...

Kids have the most fun with "old" stuff ! Glad you had fun and good thing your daughter had cash, lol !

Beth in NC said...

Ohhhh, typewriters. I'm so glad they are practically obsolete now. lol Do you remember white out? Oh dear!

I'm glad you had fun on your outing. :o)

Kitty Scraps said...

Old typewriters are the absolute best! How sweet that she typed you a note, it's simply precious. Have a blessed day!

Carrie said...

How fun! That typewriter looks so cool!

Lea said...

What a cooool olde typewriter! Glad yall had suchfun!! There is just nothing like goin thriftin. You'll have to take those gals dumpster divin now. lol

Tracy said...

Fun finds! Going to Goodwill is great fun, I think...great (and inexpensive) retail therapy at it's best! Love that old typewriter...wow!