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Easter Chicks & Sheep

Ya'll we have had the best time making these adorable Easter sheep and chicks.

I saw the idea on this website and just knew we had to try them!
We started with good old Betty Crocker strawberry cake mix (I had a coupon)
and strawberry frosting

We baked the cake, cooled it, then crumbled it in a large bowl, added the frosting, and made oval shaped balls. We then placed the cake balls in the freezer until we were ready to decorate.
(Bakerella's instructions are the best)

Here is the decorating cast:

And crew:

And our first little sheep...oh so cute!
We dipped the chilled cake balls in meltable white chips (we purchased them at Michaels) and then quickly placed a Junior Mint for the head, cut black licorice for the feet, and sprinkled white edible pears all over. We then placed them on a Styrofoam sheet to dry.

And we dipped and dipped until we had a whole flock of sheep:

We used decorating gel to put the heart candies on for noses and used white frosting and black gel to make the eyeballs.

Then we added a few chicks to the mix:

Aren't they cute?

I placed foam blocks in the bottom of 2 old Easter baskets, threw in some Easter grass and placed our little cuties inside and finished it with a bow.

They bring such delight!

Don't they make you smile?

We can hardly wait to take them to our Easter celebrations tomorrow afternoon.
Happy Easter everyone!


Brenda said...

Soooo cute! I love them!

ilovemy5kids said...

How Darling! Wish I had some! :-)

Melanie said...

These are adorable!

Happy Easter!

Tracy said...

They are ADORABLE! No doubt they will be a big hit tomorrow. May you and yours have a wonderful, joyous Easter!


Sheryl said...

Those are so cute! Now my daughter Rachel wants to make something cute for tomorrow.


sister sheri said...

Adorable- it's the only word that fits!

Erica said...

They are adorable! I am so impressed. Looks like a project for the girls and me 10 years from now! Very, very cute!