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Meet the 3 G's

A few Saturdays ago, after Hannah's last basketball tournament, we drove home, settled in for a bite of lunch only to hear...ping...kapow...whamo...coming from the neighbor's house next door.

Here is what we found:

That's my mom & dad....aka Granny & Grandpa.

The 3 G's: Granny, Grandpa & the Guns...sounds like a group doesn't it?

I've never seen this side of them before...it was so out of the ordinary
and shocking that I had to grab my camera
and snap a few 100 photos.

(Don't worry, I'll only post a few.)

So, what does the pastor and his wife do on a chilly Saturday afternoon?

Look and see:

I think that gun is as big as my mother...I mean shot-gun Granny!

Mr. Incredible couldn't stand it, he had to get his big guns out too! Ooh baby!

I think this is a pretty cool shot. Did he hit the target?

Well, yes he did and so did shotgun Granny and shoot-em-up Grandpa.

A fun time was had by all.


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The Real Me! said...

That is so funny and so right up our alley. How great that you can step outside and shoot. That would be my husbands dream!!
Happy Friday to you Kristi!!

Debra said...

Oh Kristi! My hubby would so love this. He is making me learn to shoot a gun. And I just got the cutest video of how you know you are shopping in Texas. A woman is going to pop open a bottle and when the cork pops everyone pulls out their gun and checks to make sure it's not a robbery! It is so funny!

Happy Friday, my sweet friend!

Angela said...

I LOVE target shooting..lol.

Laurie Ann said...

I bet you were surprised! LOL. Great pics. I'm glad they have a new fun hobby!

Susan said...

Oh my!!

You just never know huh?

Hope you have a blessed weekend♥

Jennifer said...

I love it! I wish we had a place to go and shoot around here but we don't.

Way to go Granny!

Happy Friday!

Southern Comfort said...

That reminds me of my family. Mike shoots by the tank. Relatives who don't know how to shoot come here to learn how from Mike. (He's a firearms instructor)I once was a very good shot but I haven't tried it in years.

Michele Williams said...

So funny! Doing a little target shooting! They are so cute!

Melanie said...

Too funny, Kristi! I don't know what I'd do if I walked outside and found my parents in the midst of target practice.. hee.hee...

Beth in NC said...


And thanks for the very sweet comment on my blog!!!

Many blessings to you friend!

sister sheri said...

Wow! Your parents are your neighbors? My family is 3,000 miles away...

Sherry said...

LOL! That is too funny! Dh has attempted to get me to shoot a gun once when we were dating. I haven't done it since, but now he is teaching the kdis. :D

Have a blessed day!

Shabby Olde Potting Shed said...

Hey that looks like a BLAST*
PEARL of wisdom: DON'T MESS WITH GRANDMA- just send her my love! heehee

Alexis said...

Too cute! I hope our neighbors don't take pictures of us doing that. haha!

Erica said...

How funny...that looks like our Nana, G-Pop, Mimi, and Grandpa. Texans and their guns, I tell you! I have missed you friend, but was so glad to get caught up. Hope you are doing well.