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Look Out World...Here She Comes!

The day she had been waiting for finally arrived!
We practiced driver's education, took an online course

(Virtual Drive of Texas is great!)

and practiced and practiced and practiced.

She has been driving us everywhere since June.

She could hardly wait for her 16th birthday...until she discovered that it fell on a Saturday.

Hello Driver's License Office...we need you to open today!

We knew that would not happen so we waited 2 long days until they opened

(at home not at the DMV).

It was worth the wait. I had all of the forms and paperwork with me...I think it only took 5 minutes to get her license. It was over before we knew it.

Here she is getting fingerprinted:

It's looking very official:

Ta-da! The moment she has been waiting for:

One happy, new licensed-to-drive-on-the-sidewalks-only (just kidding) driver:

What a day!


The Real Me! said...

Come on be honest, isn't it a bit nerve-wracking? My daughter will be 16 this year and I can't picture her on the road with other people. LOL.
I'm very thankful that Walmart is only .50 miles away and if need be she'd be able to make all right hand turns LOL.
Congrats to you daughter!

Debra said...

Oh happy day, Rachel! Oh, sleepless nights, Kristi...lol! Just kidding. It gets easier...especially when you figure out their legs run faster to the store than ours some days!

Congratulations!! Love her sweet smile. So nice to see and definitely an answer to prayer.

Big hugs to you gals today!

Anonymous said...

Yeah! Look how excited she is!!!!

ilovemy5kids said...

Precious Memories!

bp said...

What a great moment to blog about! Happy driving Rachel!

Sheryl said...

Congratulations to Rachel!

It was VERY hard for me when oldest DS got his license. And he wasn't 16 - he was closer to 18! I will never forget the first time he drove alone. I was a mess!

Middle DS is 16.5 and dying to drive, but we will take our time just like with did with his older brother. However, I think this DS will push us a bit harder.


sister sheri said...

Wow! And see what the Lord has done! He is good!