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My Front Door Christmas Garland

My birthday was a few weeks ago. I love to decorate my home for Christmas as my birthday gift to myself. My birthday fell on Saturday. Delight! My family was so sweet to let me get a little sleep. I slept until 9. I was thrilled! This was the first Saturday in about 8 weeks that I didn't need to rush off to a photography session. While I absolutely love photo sessions, I had carefully circled and marked the 17th on my calendar as a day to decorate and get ready for Christmas. It was such a relaxing day.

 Hannah fixed the BEST breakfast casserole in my honor. The tomatoes were from my garden and delicious!  Fresh tomatoes in November. Who would have thought?!

After the majority of the house was decorated, we headed for Hobby Lobby.  Yes! One of my favorite stores on my birthday.  Mr. Incredible waited in the car...a football game was on.  Hannah and I had as much time as we wanted to shop.  Yes!  I found what I was searching for.

We ate dinner at Outback...some sweet friends and clients had blessed me with a gift certificate. Yum!

While we watched the movie Brave, I put together my front door garland.  I didn't purchase my things at Hobby Lobby, I found it all, except for the garland, at Sams.

All you need is enough garland (I bought pre-lit garland) to line your front door and sidelights.  I purchased 27 feet, or three garlands. You also need netting (also from sams).  I think I used about 5 rolls of red and lime green.  And then I also purchased shatter proof ornaments from Sams and 2 packages of large ornaments from Sams.

I carefully placed my garland on the floor and gave it a good fluffing.  Then, I started putting the netting in loops and using the garland, attached it to the garland.  I used some garland to tie each loop to the garland.  You could use wire or zip ties too.  Here is the garland with the red mesh added:

And then I added the lime green mesh/netting.  I tried to alternate loops:

I made fairly large loops.  I wanted to cover up the greenery so that you mainly saw the loops, ornaments, and the lights.  Hannah and I carefully placed the 8 large ornaments.  They are also from Sams and shatterproof.  We used green zipties that I already had in my craft closet to attach to greenery.  You could probably use wire if you prefer:

The large ornament that says, "Believe" is my favorite.

Then we filled in with various shatter-proof ornaments. I also used zip ties on these:

And then I would like to say that we hung it up and it was fabulous! But, I can't! We had super small command strips that didn't hold the heavy garland.

After church the next day, we headed back to the store for much larger command strips.  They worked perfectly! Here is my garland:

I love it! 

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Kim @ Homesteader's Heart said...

Sounds like such a fun and relaxing birthday. I guess I could do Christmas in July for my birthday. LOL!
And your garland is FABULOUS. Totally professional.
Love ya!