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"L" Family {A Sneak Peek}

What an incredible way to start the week! Rachel and I were overjoyed to be able to spend Monday morning with the "L" Family! They invited us to their beautiful ranch and we were so excited! The instructions to get to their land were precise but our excitement began to build as we began driving on their property to meet them. Words can't describe the beauty we saw! It was hard to believe we were so close to home; it felt like a trip to Cibolo Creek Ranch...without the mountains.

 After making sure we were at the right house, there are at least 3 on the property, we were relieved to know we were in the right spot. Their sweet daughter took us on a tour while everyone finished getting ready. The first place she took us? The rattlesnake pit?! Oh my goodness gracious! I am a big chicken when it comes to snakes. Remember, I'm the one who waited for the rattlesnake to cross her yard, slither on to the street, and then promptly ran over the beast at least 12 times with her suburban? Remember that story?

Back to the tour! Their daughter is nearly 7 and her beautiful eyes seemed to beckon us to go with her to visit the snakes...but my heart and my mind were screaming no (on the inside of course!). I could feel the hives ready to burst on to my skin at any moment, but what did Rachel and I do? Uh, we followed her to the snake pit! Oiy! And much to my surprise, it was the coolest thing ever and I actually enjoyed watching the beasts that were behind glass walls.

Our very presence woke up one of the sleeping beasts who began rattling its tail at us...oh what a sound! And those eyes seemed to watch our every move (seriously I can feel the hives beginning as I'm typing this) and now I'm singing out loud, "I always feel like some body's watching me" (remember that song from the 80's?).  But, I really enjoyed seeing all 15 rattlesnakes. I know! Crazy me! I even took a few pictures of the snakes (pardon the glare from the glass-there was no way I was opening the lid to take a few pictures) and about 642 pictures of this amazing family. I'll start with the snakes and save the best for last:

Here is the snake pit. Pretty glamorous pit, isn't it?!  The "L" children have no fear! Look at them riding their bikes around it!  So brave!  

Enough with the snakes...I'm beginning to itch!  I promised that I saved the best for last and here they are!  What a blessing to spend Monday morning with them on their beautiful new property! If you didn't know any better, doesn't it look like we are in Ruidoso, NM? 

On the property, they have some of the coolest swings...love this one. It's the perfect family swing!

They even have a spiral staircase...so cool!

These children are dearly loved!

This is Miss Brave who is a mini-me of her beautiful mommy!  Gorgeous girls!

This was my favorite location...well I could say that about several locations...okay it was in my top 3 favorite locations on their ranch!  What an awesome place for a swing! I can see Miss Brave wearing a prom dress having her pictures taken here...a long time from now, of course!

Miss Brave...so much gorgeousness wrapped up in this one!

And this one makes me smile from ear to ear....oh how I love capturing personalities in photos!

Mr. Superman...he slays me with all of his cuteness!  And this pose!  Looks like 4 going on 12!

This was a dream photo shoot for sure. Just look at this beautiful family on their beautiful land.  You can see for miles!

A West Texas windmill against a turquoise blue sky beaming over the top of such an incredible family makes for a memorable Monday!  This was what we got to ride on around the ranch. Miss Brave was our awesome driver!  What a day! Thank you "L" family for all of the fun and hospitality!  I really hope you like your Sneak Peek...I am loving them all and trying to narrow down 642 photos into a 40 image gallery!  Oh my goodness gracious it's hard!

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