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Our Drama Queen

Today is the big day!  Hannah and her fellow One Act Play cast and crew perform in Zone Competition.  They should perform for the judges around 12:30 today. 

I have to tell you that the cast and crew have been working hard for months and I finally got to see the play a week ago and LOVED it!  It is so stinkin' funny!!!  And my daughter is hilarious!  Hannah plays the part of a wealthy old woman and her voice sounds so much like Julia Child.  So funny!

A few months ago, when they were getting props and costumes designed, they found an old stuffed ferret in the prop closet.  Hannah fell in love with it and now it is part of her costume.   She even kisses it in one scene on stage.  
They spray paint her beautiful hair gray for the play.  The first time, we left the gray paint in her hair for about 8 hours.  OIY!  Talk about being tough to rinse out.  Today, she will perform, we will head home after their performance, and promptly wash her hair. 

Hannah is blessed to be the only freshman in this amazing cast!  We were so thrilled when she got the part and so proud of our daughter too! 

Love seeing my 15 year old in pantyhose, cream colored shoes, an "old lady" bag, hat, and gloves.  Makes me giggle. 
I can't wait to see their performance again.  Every part is fabulous and we are praying they go very far in the competition.  We will see this afternoon.  If you think about it, please pray for Hannah and the rest of the cast and crew at 12:30 Texas time when they perform; specifically, that God would help them to give their absolute best performance and to quiet their nerves.  Break a leg one act play!!!!


Kim @ Homesteader's Heart said...

Please someone film it! I so wish I could be there. It sounds like so much fun and how exciting that she's the only freshman.

Jaunna said...

I love OAP-It was seriously the best thing about High School! One of my closest friends today is my former theater director.

I think its Amazing that she is the only Freshman!! You have fostered such confidence in your girls. I also love the bright green braces on the "old lady" haha. When will you know if they advanced??!! Ive definately prayed for the cast and crew and today!