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My Baby is 15

I can't believe it! My baby is 15 years old. I guess it's time I worked on my pre-baby weight. Ha! Rachel came home this weekend and informed me that it's time to get back to blogging as she checks my blog twice a day and I haven't posted in a while...hi Rachel! I love and miss you like crazy. Please, come home soon! Spring break cannot get here soon enough.

Anyway, back to my Hannah. Her daddy and I counted the days until her birthday. I always try to do my shopping early, and we could not wait to give her the gifts! I thought I would nearly burst with excitement or perhaps even spill the beans...but we made it and she had no idea what we had picked out especially for her.

Here is our birthday girl opening her gifts:
My friend Kim, Homesteader's Heart blog, has a talented daughter who has her own etsy shop and that's where I found this fun mustache necklace.  Hannah likes anything mustache and I just knew it would be a hit...and it totally was!

Since Hannah's birthday was on a Friday, it was fun to pick up some cupcakes to share with the basketball girls.  I love it that my beautiful daughter chose Spider man cupcakes! 

Ya'll know how I feel about Baylor University.  Right??? Sic 'em bears.  That's where Mr. Incredible and I fell in love three weeks into our Freshman year.  Anyway, you have probably heard about RGIII (Robert Griffin III) winning the Heisman trophy.  When he was awarded the trophy, he was wearing Superman socks with a cape.  Hannah instantly fell in love with his socks.

I searched and searched for them and found them. They were back ordered but arrived just days before her birthday~perfect!   To say she was ecstatic would be a major understatement!  She was pumped and totally changed her outfit for the day so she could sport her new superman socks.  I hear that they make wonder woman socks too....Mr. Incredible are you listening?  On those days where I am feeling less than stellar in the classroom, it might be fun to wear those.  :-)

Love this image:

Her last gift contained tickets to the Baylor Men's basketball game against Kansas State and tickets to the Lady Bear's game against Texas Tech.  A double header in Waco....she was beyond excited. 

I have to run for now, but I'll try to post pictures from her birthday weekend trip.  It was a total blast!


Kim@Seasons of My Heart said...

Happy...Happy...Birthday to your precious baby girl!

She truly is a BEAUTIFUL young lady.


Kim @ Homesteader's Heart said...

So much fun! I'll have to show Kelsey this. She'll be so excited to know that Hannah loved the necklace. And she will most certainly appreciate the shout out.
Where does the time go huh?
Have a GREAT day.

BARBIE said...

Your Hannah is beautiful. Both of your girls are. Happy birthday Hannah. She looks adorable with the mustache and you can't go wrong with Spiderman cupcakes!

Erica said...

Your family is SO fun! I'm glad she had a wonderful celebration!