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These Boots Were Made for Walking

Monday night in Las Vegas, we were blessed to attend the National Finals Rodeo.  I've only watched it on tv nearly every year, but never in person.  I was so excited and giddy about being there with my man. 

We were blessed with amazing tickets and that's pretty much when I was aching for my camera and super-duper long lens.  We were on the 12th row, but I wanted to see the eyeballs of the horses who were more than ready to chase those cows and the bulls who were anxious to buck the cowboys off their backs.  Oh, it was so fun to be there!

Surrounded by cowboys, I fell head over heals in love!  Not with a cowboy, with a cowboy's rockin' camera lense.  I was on the edge of my seat glancing at a lense from a distance, this lense was as long as my arm and as wide as my whole head.  I was dreaming about what kind of shots this cowboy photographer was getting when my man laughed out loud.  I looked at him and asked what was so funny.  He said, you are really into this aren't you?  But, you are missing all the action, because you keep staring at that lense.  Ha! Does my man know me well or what?!
I did manage to watch some of the action.  Here is a little video clip of the bull riding:

Before we got there, my man took me shopping and we found the cutest pair of new boots for me.  The cutest cowboy in Las Vegas, we wish Hannah were with us, helped me pick these out and try them on.  Have you tried on pair of cowboy boots lately?  They fit like a glove.  Delight!  I had fun wearing these to the NFR, I felt a little cowgirl-ified.  It was fun!

This angle cracks me up, it makes it look like I wear a size 30 or something-for the record, I wear an 8 1/2 or a 9 (my husband use to think that I wear a 10 like him-I'll have to share that funny story another day).  I snapped this picture to text it to my girls for their approval.  I got an awesome from them both and headed to the check out.  Do you wear cowgirl boots?

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