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A Different Kind of Lightbulb Moment

To say that I feel like I am crossing the finish line of the week on my hands and knees and just barely making it there might just be an understatement.  Oh, what a week!

I'm thankful that God's grace is more than enough to handle it all and that His strength is perfect.  I think I've put that to the test this week.  Can somebody relate?

To try to not be too wordy, I'll break a few tidbits down for you in a list.  Try to make it to at least the last one~cause it's funny okay?

*  I don't even know where to begin.  Ha!

*  Sunday night I broke a tooth eating dinner. Next month I will turn 42 not 62. What is up with breaking a tooth?!

*  Monday morning my tooth was fixed.  Praise the Lord, now I can quit cutting my tongue into shreds with my fabulous use-to-be chipped dagger tooth.  I'm thankful it wasn't a front tooth,  Ha!

*  Monday night after dropping Hannah at band practice, I ventured to Walmart....not Wallyworld, rather Where-in-the-walmart-world did you people come from?  It was packed with some of the rudest people I have seen in massive quantities.  I felt like I needed to wear my work out pants and tennis shoes just to make it through the marathon shopping event at Walmart.  And why are people so inclined to be less than courteous when they are shopping and experiencing "low, low prices?" My minor was psychology....oh the plethora of opportunities this place would have afforded me when I was still in school.   I think I'll skip saving a few bucks next week and shop in the more civilized local HEB.  Oiy!

*  Tuesday came with an unusual opportunity to test how this heart of mine would react to confrontation.  I was reminded to "Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the LORD your God goes with you; He will never leave you nor forsake you." Deuteronomy 31:6. Some days it is hard to be strong and courageous. I'm thankful we don't have to do this in our own strength. God always enables us to do what we couldn't possibly do in our own strength. Oh, what a Savior!
*  Tuesday night had in store a surprise-to-me-cause-I-didn't-know-about-it-meeting for Freshman parents at school regarding the state's new STARR test.  Wow! What a test.  I am praying our legislature is keeping our students' best interests in mind...but I'm not sure.
*  Wednesday lunch was fun~eleven teenagers, Hannah's friends, came over for a taco lunch.  I loved hearing their joy and laughter. 
*  Wednesday after school involved a trip to a Sports Injury Clinic.  I thought we would be there for hours but the school's amazing trainer met us at the hospital and got Hannah in for x-rays and a meeting with an orthopedic doctor within 20 minutes. What a blessing!  No torn ligaments and no breaks, just a bad high ankle sprain.  Hannah and I had time to stop by Starbucks {pumpkin spice lattes} on our way home for my photography class.
*  My photography class left me battered and bruised.  The old adage the more you know the less you understand?  Uh-huh, that's how I felt. 
*  Wednesday night I woke up at 2 in the morning standing in my Rachel's room.  I was sleepwalking and looking for her in my sleep.  That makes me tear up thinking about it.  (For the record, I do tend to sleepwalk a little bit when I am extremely tired) Yes, I miss her like crazy, even after her crazy weekend road trip that left this momma spending a lot of time on my knees in prayer on her behalf, and her daddy and sister and grandparents too for that matter (yes, we still love you Rachel, but you are wearing us out!  But, we would all do it again in a heartbeat!).  So, I woke up standing in her room...I'm not sure how long I was there~weird!  But, I somehow woke up and got myself back into bed.
*  This next part deserves it's own space and the bullets just aren't doing it for me anymore.
Here is where the light bulb moment occurred!  Not that kind of moment.  It was a less than incredible moment.  Ha! I had finally nestled down into a fairly good night's sleep, when I heard the most awful sounds coming from our bedroom.  I heard what sounded like the ceiling falling down on our heads to finally wake up enough to realize that my man had rolled over, knocked his lamp off the nightstand next to his side of the bed, throwing the ginormous manly flashlight into the wall that bounced off the table and onto the floor, scattering his wedding ring, glasses, and remote control into who knows where, and the shattering of a light bulb!  Seriously?!  Where do I live?
I'm giggling as I'm typing this.  I could not make this up if I tried!  My man says, "Oh no" as he fumbles to turn his light on, which is no longer on his nightstand, and doesn't even have a light bulb in it anymore.  He made his way to the bathroom to turn on the light and discovered what looked like a hurricane mixed with a healthy splattering of tiny diamonds shattered all over the floor~the light bulb had exploded all over the carpet.
What does he do?  He grabs the vacuum and tells me to stay put.  I heard more awful sounds but this time it was coming from my vacuum.  Rurrr-rurr is not it's normal sound.  I don't know how my man was vacuuming but he eventually sucked up ever piece of the busted light, finally turned off the lights and climbed back in bed.  Me?  I was wide awake!  Nothing says good morning like the slamming of a lamp, and a ginormous-manly flashlight hitting the walls and tumbling to the floor, and the shattering of a light bulb.  Needless to say, I was up for the day yesterday morning at the awful hour of 4:30.
I'm not sure what today holds.  Ha!  But, I'm thankful to know who holds today in the palm of His mighty hands.  Ya'll have a wonderful weekend. The timing of a 3 day weekend could not be better! If you need me,  I'll be the one napping...but it may be Desi and Lucy style, only in separate rooms.  Ha!

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The Real Me! said...

Oh MY! What a week my friend. I had to laugh at your hubby because mine knocked over a ceramic pencil holder while trying to turn off his alarm which somehow got wedge between his nightstand and the wall without breaking. What's up with our men? LOL!
Have a fabulous weekend my friend.

Raise Them Up said...

Too funny! I'm glad he didn't step on any glass! And I hope you have a nice relaxing weekend--with no trips to the ER. :)