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Sic 'em Bears!

Last night our family and Hannah's friend "S" headed to Lubbock for the Baylor Lady Bears vs Lady Raiders basketball game. We donned our best green and gold, except for "S" who insisted on wearing the red and black or TT as I called it (that stands for Texas Tech~but it's fun to call it TT). We were a green and gold minority in a sea of black and red, but we didn't care.

We stopped at Rudy's BBQ on the way for some delightfully delicious dinner and a quick photo in front of the Rudy's sign...and that's when I realized, my super-duper camera had been left on in my bag and it was completely dead~great! I had visions of taking awesome Lady Bear pictures from our fantastic seats...I had even packed all of my lenses...but no! I wanted to throw a little fit, but I didn't...okay maybe a little one. Oiy!

So, I pulled myself together and grabbed my I-phone and took a few pics anyway:

The crowd was electric~what a game! I am proud to say that Baylor won! Sic 'em bears!

We were only a few rows from the Baylor bench and that was exciting. Hannah couldn't wait to see Brittaney Griner, the 6'8" Freshman who can dunk the ball. She watched the game intently as if this would be the team that she would one day play for....I could see it all over her face...the dreaming....the hopefulness...and her excitement.

And then I joined in her dream and wondered if it might happen one day....if the Lord so chooses...and with a lot of practice...and it was fun to dream... until a fight broke out on the court!

Brittaney Griner and Tech's Barncastle had been fighting for position all night long....until Barncastle belligerently pulled Brittany to the ground...and then Brit got mad and hauled off and punched Barncastle right in the nose. We were stunned! Naturally, Brittaney was thrown out of the game, as she should have been...and then my dream of maybe one day watching my baby girl play in high school and possibly college and having to deal with yuck like that made my heart race...and not in a good way!

I looked at Mr. Incredible and said, "I'm not ready to watch Hannah play college ball" and then he looked at me as if I had lost my ever-loving mind....and then I chuckled...because he hadn't been joining us in our dream....and then I snapped back into reality.

He sweetly cautioned me that high school basketball was going to get more aggressive and that the fans would be too...so I resolved to remember to bring my headphones to every game and sit as far away from the other team as possible....because I don't want to pull a Brittaney Griner! LOL.
Here is a link to the ESPN video if you want to see the drama...but it's not nearly as dramatic as seeing it from the 5th row.

Thanks so much for stopping by my little corner of the world today. Ya'll are a blessing to me.


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I saw a local news clip here on that incident with the Baylor girl. I had wondered what happened.

Erica said...

I heard about that on ESPN today...shocking!
I bet it did get your heart racing, being so close and all.
Keep dreaming big dreams for your baby girl! Her Heavenly Father is too!