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It's diy day at Kimba's. I just had to share my front porch with you. I am so loving having my door painted black. The fall colors really pop off of this door!

I kept the same berry wreath that I had on my door before, but I added a $4 leafy vine from Hobby Lobby and some pumpkins and a bright Orange bow. I got out my handy dandy hot glue gun and went to town. Here is what my wreath looks like now:

The little pumpkins were on sale, so I decided to try to make a topiary. I used the bamboo stick that came with one of my scarecrows, cut holes, in the bottoms of the pumpkins and put them on the stick. I added a few leaves too and then put it in my pot:

I had to add a few scarecrows. I'm not into the scary decorations, but I do like pumpkins and scarecrows:

This little guy need an orange bow:

And I've had this little guy for several years. I always enjoy setting him on my front porch:

Here is the finished porch:

Happy Fall, Ya'll!


Vintage Dutch Girl said...

I NEED to do a pumpkin topiary! Love it :)

Andrea said...

Beautifully festive front porch.
Blessings, andrea

Erica said...

So cute! You never disappoint with your glue gun abilities!

The Jungs said...

Kristi, I love it!! You are so crafty!

Love, Caanon

The Real Me! said...

Walking up to your house sure would bring a smile to my face!
Great job! Very inviting.

Sheri said...

What a wonderful porch!

I have a linky party going you may want to link up: http://theshadesofpink.blogspot.com/2009/10/room-month-great-pumpkin.html

bp said...

Love your fall decorations! Thanks for sharing, I enjoy the pictures of your creative!

Mandy said...

Very pretty! Your porch looks awesome. Great job!

Tracy said...

Beautiful! That wreath is especially gorgeous! You and a glue gun are unstoppable, girl!

Susie from Bienvenue said...

Yep, Your front door just took my breath away! Hello Darlin' Im fallin' in love with your blog....get it? Fall...in...ok, I better stop now before I become more of a dork , Ha!

ilovemy5kids said...

love it love it love it....

Blessings to you!

MotherhoodFilm said...

I really enjoyed looking around your blog! What great ideas!!
*Eliza’s blog*

Cathy said...

Love your decorations ~ the wreath is beautiful `