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Welcome to my little corner of the world. I am so honored by your visit today. My name is Kristi and I am married to my college sweetheart(I refer to him here as "Mr. Incredible"), momma to my 2 beautiful girls who are growing much too quickly, a high school computer teacher, photographer, and a gardener (at times~right now I'm growing weeds). I love to laugh, drink strong Starbucks coffee, take pictures, and be anywhere my family is. Jesus is my Savior and I try so hard to be the wife and momma that He has called me to be. I often fail but He lovingly picks me up, dusts me off, and encourages me that with Him all things are possible. Feel free to join me on this journey of faith, stop in and say hello, look around, and leave a comment~I love comments. Why "Kiki's Corner?" My nephews call me Aunt Kiki and I love that too.

It's Time

The Graduation Pictures have been posted, the School Yearbook is finished and sent off to print, my photography orders have been carefully packaged and delivered, and this girl is in need of some family time.  I'm taking a few days to soak in the sun and make memories to treasure with my family....I need a little time to unwind and unplug.  I'll check my emails and messages soon.  

(Please check back for my Oh Snap Class Information and Sign Up on July 5th).

Oh Snap Class~for Moms~

If you follow my Newsletter, I announced that there might be a new class just for Mom's with DSLR cameras.

Due to an overwhelming response from my Newsletter VIPs, we will have the class. Yippee!!! More details to follow soon! If you are a photographer or hope to be in the photography business one day, sorry this class isn't for you.

Calling Class of 2014 Seniors!

It's time to plan your Senior VIP Session and this Summer is the best time to do it!  Book your Session this summer and save $100.  Delight!

I looked at my Photography Calendar and I only have 7 Saturday Sessions left until January. January! And a limited number of Summer Sessions still available. 

So if you would like to schedule a Senior Session with me this Summer before your Senior Year begins, now is the time...and the best part?  I am offering $100 off of your super-awesome-unique-all-about-you VIP Session!  What are you waiting for?

Queen Lemon Cakes

 Hannah has become quite the baker!  She made Lemon Queen Cakes for Mother's Day and we LOVED them so much that she made them for Father's Day too.  Delicious!!!

These little cakes are an act of love.  She spends at least four hours making them and bakes them with lots and lots of love.  I would share the recipe with you, but it's a Hannah secret.
I cannot begin to imagine meringue frosting without my kitchenaide!

And licking the beater is always the best part!

After a quick broil to brown the meringue it is time to serve.  They are incredible.  Thank you sweet Hannah for sharing your incredible gift with us. We love you so very much!

Katie's Graduation {A Sneak Peek}

Happy 6th Grade Graduation, Katie!  Thank you for the joy and the blessing of capturing beautiful you on this very special occasion.  I loved everything about this session.....the location, the beautiful gown, and getting to know this beauty who is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside.

Have a wonderful summer!

Sweet P's Summer Sneak Peek

Sweet P is at such a fun age!  This little collection of images was taken in a span of about 10 minutes (all except for the bottom middle one).  Her expressions are so much fun!

She is so precious!

I love this image and her expression.  She saw "Peach" across the street mowing her yard.  I think she was surprised to see her!

We captured a few of this bathing beauty:

And then we changed for a few photos with her mommy and daddy...they are one of my most favorite families to photograph.  This pose tickles me!  And isn't her outfit the best?!

Swinging with Mommy and Daddy....could life get any better?!

Mr. C Turns 5 {A Sneak Peek}

Happy 5th birthday, Mr. C. It was so fun having you and your mommy and grandmother come for a photo session. You are widely creative and adventurous and it was fun chasing you around the field.

Photo of the Morning

Happy Monday!  Doesn't this precious doll make you smile?  Funny, looking at this image makes me think it's really not a Monday after all!  Have a joy-filled-to-overflowing kind of day!

Happy Father's Day

I love my dad!  I really feel that when God chose all of the men in the world to be my daddy, He absolutely chose the best!  I have to keep this short, because I know his love for reading wordy cards...and probably blogs too. Ha!

Thank you for loving mom above all else except for the Lord.  My girls and I were just talking about you two and how fun it is to watch your relationship.  Your love for each other is fierce and so admirable!

This is one of my favorites!  Thank you for loving me....even the times when you loved me too much to let me act that way and for always being one of my biggest fans!

Thank you for teaching me that life really is an adventure and to live each day with joy and a song (you can whistle better than anyone).    This image makes me smile.  You carried every "special rock" we found in that backpack. It surely weighed 50 pounds.

Thank you for making my dorm at Baylor feel a bit more like home.  I was the only Freshman in either dorm who had a custom built vanity, book case, and place for my refrigerator. That was awesome!

I watched as you beautifully officiated a special wedding last weekend.  The words you chose and the way you made the couple feel so special was wonderful...but nothing compared to my wedding.  I pray you have the blessing of officiating at Rachel and Hannah's weddings one day too!  And thank you for loving me enough to make my man take a test before we were allowed to get married.  We will be passing this on to our girls for sure!

Thank you for the way you love your granddaughters!  Oh, they love you so much too!  You are some of their biggest fans and encouragers.  I always adore basketball season, but I love it even more when you are sitting right beside me as we are watching Hannah on the court!

I could have posted a million other pictures and written so much more.  I really am trying to keep this short. Ha!  Thank you for being the Dad that every girl dreams about having, the Spiritual Leader that every home desires, the Grandpa every grandchild wishes they had, and my favorite Pastor in the world.  Happy Father's Day!  You are dearly loved!